Here are DA Facts:

Windows XP Pro operating system infected with the ‘You have 72 hours to pay the fine’ virus. This scamware blocks the entire system and prevents accessing the Windows Registry Editor, Task Manager, Internet connection and the Start Menu.

Pressing F8 to go into safemode yields a scrambled black and white screen, on the few occasions that the command prompt screen did appear, selecting SafeMode and or SafeMode Networking was futile, the computer opened in normal mode.

Hiren’s Boot disk:

1. Regedit opens the Hiren’s registry file not the XP registry.

2. Malware ID’s the Trojans and their location on the XP operating system, however it is not capable of erasing them or
quarantining them.

3. SpyBot does not see them.

4. The other antivirus and spy programs on the Hiren’s disk cannot find their appropriate .exe file to open.

5. Register wizard replaced the current registry with an older version…the Trojan lived through that rewrite.

This old man has reached the limits of his operating system skill sets. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If they are complex, please be definitive with your instructions.

Thank you