Social DAO


Social and news platforms have become an integral part of our daily lives, allowing us to communicate with people and stay informed about news from all over the world. However, as these platforms continue to grow, they face challenges in terms of managing their communities, ensuring online security, and maintaining transparency. To address these challenges, is now turning to the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) concept.

What is DAO and why is it better than a centralized organization?

DAO is a revolutionary way to manage online platforms, offering numerous benefits over traditional hierarchical structures. Unlike traditional organizations that have a centralized authority, DAO is transparent and democratic, with all members having a say in the decision-making process. This makes such a platform transparent, democratic, and resistant to censorship created by a single superior.

After moving to the DAO platform, will offer users a powerful tool to communicate and collaborate on important topics related to technological news, computer viruses, and other critical information. Users will have the ability to share news, insights, and updates about security, malware, and other cybersecurity threats in real time.

Decentralized platforms provide several advantages over centralized platforms. With the decentralized platform, there is no central authority controlling the platform, which means that decision-making is distributed across the community. This ensures that all users with tokens have a say in how the platform is run, promoting transparency, accountability, and inclusivity. Tokens also offer numerous advantages, including additional features or support for other users.

Another benefit of DAO technology is that it is highly secure. By using blockchain technology, DAO can ensure that transactions are transparent and tamper-proof, reducing the risk of fraud and hacking. Additionally, DAO can be programmed with smart contracts that automate certain processes, further enhancing security and efficiency.

Will there be no censorship on the platform? DAO is committed to providing a truly uncensored environment for users. Users will be able to vote on important decisions, such as what content should be allowed on the platform. This means that this website will be self-moderated, with users deciding on what is appropriate for the platform. However, has guidelines in place to ensure that the content on the platform is not harmful or offensive.

What are the main principles of the DAO platform? How does it work?

The main focus of the DAO platform is to give users a voice in the decision-making process and let them communicate freely. Through our decentralized voting system, users will be able to vote on important decisions, such as platform upgrades, content moderation, and more. Users will be able to flag inappropriate content, and the community will vote on whether or not to remove/publish it.

This means that this platform will be genuinely community-driven, and decisions will be made by the people who use it.

In addition, active users will have the opportunity to earn tokens. In this way, users will be able to earn additional income or contribute even more to the management of the platform. Therefore, everyone will be happy – the users who read the news and the users who write it.

The DAO platform has already proven its worth to Lithuanian startup With a focus on the Lithuanian people, it has quickly become a popular destination for users seeking something new and innovative in the social media space. Users have been drawn in by the platform’s unique approach to freedom of expression, management, and monetization.

When will transition to DAO platform? is committed to adapting to DAO principles in the coming months. This means transitioning to a decentralized decision-making structure, promoting transparency and inclusivity, and implementing a social platform for better communication between users. By embracing the DAO concept, will be more sustainable and equitable for the entire community.