Hi there – I read with interest your review of this program and was puzzled by this statement – “it’s a program to fight against malware only, so it can’t be compared with the more serious software out there”. I can’t understand what you mean by this as, surely all viruses are malware, and this program does indeed detect and remove more serious threats such as trojans, rootkits etc. I am currently working on an infected laptop for a client who has a full, updated version of McAfee Security Centre yet the free version of Malwarebytes Antimalware detected and removed 42 infections ranging from PUPs to Trojans, Keystroke loggers and Rootkits. This, as I mentioned, is on a PC with a fully paid and registered version of McAfee. I used to use various protection in the past including Norton, McAfee, Bitdefender with varying results but I have used Malwarebytes Antimalware for a couple of years now, both on my own PCs and on clients PCs and it has never let me down once. So, again, my question is – what do you mean by this statement?