Recently my computer began running very slow. My cpu/mem widget was showing CPU utilization at a near constant 99%. I opened Task Manager and found multiple instances of an image running with the name of “Ezspvdph.exe”. The description column of Task Manager showed “Google Chrome”. This was a big surprise as I am not running Google Chrome browser! I located the file Ezspvdph.exe and was able to delete it along with associated files and directories. Then I stopped the multiple Ezspvdph.exe processes. A few minutes later, it was back! I went through the same process again and deleted the files and re-booted my PC. After reboot, it was back. I again deleted the files and went into regedit and deleted google & chrome entries. I’m afraid that when I reboot my pc it may come back.

I did a google, bing, and yahoo search on “Ezspvdph.exe” and there were no search results. Very strange, as I don’t think I’m the only one on earth with this malicious application.

What is “Ezspvdph.exe” and what is its’ function?


Keith A
(P.S. – my computer is running Win 7, 32 bit, neither malwarebytes or Microsoft security essentials recognizes Ezspvdph.exe)