I seem to have gotten a sophisticated version of this virus. My Windows Action Center notified me that I have the virus (on my laptop) and I need to get rid of it. It seems to have shut down my McAfee anti-virus so I can no longer access it. I have tried a number of other anti-virus programs. Eset Nod32 downloads but will not initialize. Microsoft Security Systems downloads but stops in the middle of a full scan. Windows Action Center sent me to the Microsotf Safety Scanner but tags the download as a threat and will not execute it. I tried McAfee Virus Support but they found no virus but their scan was a rather quick one. Usually these virus programs are allowed a Quick Scan but I have problems with running a full scan. I tried to click on a link on Microsoft’s website to update definitions for Windows Defender and it tags the download as a threat. From your website I have tried SpyHunter but it does not detect anything. I also tried PC Tools Spyware Doctor and it is not allowed to update definitions and the program tries to run but only pops up on the screen for an instant before it closes. Now does this sound like the win32/small.ca virus or am I having some hardware issues? I tried looking up your registry changes that your webpage on the virus suggests but I am not skilled enough to know which are legitimate registry entries and those created by the virus. I would like to know how to combat this virus and get rid of it as soon as possible so the hacker no longer has access to my computer.

Thanks for any help that you can give me.