Biden gets Google, IBM, Apple to commit to the national cybersecurity

In the wake of cyber threats, the USA see billions of dollars in investments

Bidden gets IT giants to commit to securityThe US makes a huge effort to ensure cybersecurity.

President Joe Biden met with Google, Microsoft, and other tech world giants’ representatives who contributed billions of dollars to specific cybersecurity investments. Apple, Amazon, and IBM made similar promises on their own. During a cybersecurity meeting at the White House on Wednesday, President Biden secured impactful promises from major tech companies to spend significant sums improving the nation's cyber resiliency and overall state.[1]

It is an important step as the country has already faced a series of dramatic cybersecurity incidents, some of which are more threatening than others. Among the most important was the Colonial Pipeline – DarkSide ransomware[2] attack which resulted in the shut down of gas and oil deliveries.[3]

By taking out the systems supporting and managing pipeline operation and fuel distribution, vast swathes of the US have been impacted. Demand has risen, and panic buying started across the region.

The Solar Winds software supply chain attack, which was a work of nation-state hackers, resulted in gaining access to thousands of SolarWinds customers' networks, systems, and data.[4] The hack compromised the data, networks, and systems of thousands when SolarWinds inadvertently delivered the backdoor malware as an update to the Orion software.

White House is satisfied with the “whole-of-nation effort”

White House officials released a more detailed plan for such investments. Microsoft will invest $20 billion over the next five years to advance cyber security by design and deliver advanced security solutions.

Moreover, Google will commit to $10 billion over the next five years to expand zero-trust programs, help secure the software supply chain and enhance open-source security. The company promised to help 100,000 Americans earn industry-recognized digital skills certificates too.

Therefore, Apple plans to establish a new program to make the technology supply chain more secure. Amazon, too came prepared and announced a free multi-factor authentication device.

White House doesn’t rely on the industry big names. It was announced that the expansion of the Industrial Control Systems Cybersecurity Initiative is a priority. Renovation works include the electricity sector and natural gas pipelines, which would change the cybersecurity climate in the country.

Education provider's efforts are also welcomed as it is speculated that to improve security awareness among the wide public, it is important to grow America’s cyber workforce and overall knowledge. White House shared that they need at least 500,000 field professionals.[5]

Cybersecurity crisis could be averted with joint efforts

In early May, President Biden issued a cybersecurity executive order and required federal agencies to modernize their cyber defenses. Therefore, the highest level US officials applauded the biggest countries' companies' commitments with finances and sharing knowledge, and encouraging education.

Experts believe that the security crisis could be averted with joint effort, with the involvement of small, mid-size, and big business segments. It is believed that cyber-hygiene and an educated society could ensure that further huge cyber actors would be avoided.

Previously mentioned and talked about attacks proved just in how much danger country could be if a well thought out and strategized attack would be carried out. Cyberattacks could cause chaos with the cloud, Internet of Things, open-source, deep fakes from a national perspective.[6] However, if one of the biggest companies is hit, provision of services and a potential threat for sensitive data could cause major problems too.

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