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Biography of Jake Doevan

Jake Doevan is one of News Editors for 2-spyware.com. He graduated from the Washington and Jefferson College (PA), Communication and Journalism studies. The case of Blaster worm sparked his interest in the cyber security and played an important role of another accelerator for Jake to immerse himself in the IT sphere.

In 2003 he moved to New York where he accidentally met Ugnius Kiguolis (2-spyware co-founder). They merged their ideas of improving people's security awareness and launched the project called 2-spyware.com. Specifically, credits for Ask us service and Files section belong to Jake.

Besides this project, he also writes occasional commentaries about cyber security and tech news in blogs and local newspapers. In his free time (a rare privilege), when he is not educating himself about cyber security and writing articles, he finds pleasure in traveling, reading detective stories, and collecting antique radios. He is particularly interested in Latin America. 

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Posts published by Jake Doevan

Security Suite browser hijacker removal steps

Security Suite probably does not check every website you visit and does not prioritize your security. More
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Zoho patches the security hole affecting ManageEngine Desktop Central

The new critical severity vulnerability addressed by enterprise software maker Zoho . More
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Ufyhzk.com ads fix

Ufyhzk.com is a fake website that tricks users into enabling notifications. More
Adware Viruses   January 18, 2022  

The biggest marketplace for stolen credentials, UniCC announces shutdown

The marketplace on the dark web where stolen credit card information gets sold is shutting down operations after $358 million in earnings. More
General News   January 17, 2022  

Oload.space ads removal guide

Oload.space can lead people to dangerous websites that promote scams and adult content. More
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Removing Downloadit-on.com ads

Downloadit-on.com claims to perform human verification but instead infects users with pop-up ads. More
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"TO CONTINUE - ADD EXTENSION TO CHROME" is a scam that tries to infect users with malicious browser plugins. More
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How to remove Eukwasan.com ads

Eukwasan.com ads often show links to malicious websites. Have you been suffering from Eukwasan.com ads that randomly show up on your screen? More
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Eliminate Tradexic Mac adware

Tradexic is a version of prevalent Mac malware that shouldn't be ignored. More
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