Spybot Search and Destroy review, free download

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Spybot Search and Destroy review

Spybot - Search & Destroy is one of the very first spyware removers appeared in the computer security field. It has plenty of functions and is absolutely free to use, although users can make donations to its author Patrick M. Kolla.

System scans are fast and effective. The application checks the Windows registry, running processes, web browser cookies, local files and folders. It uses extensive, regularly updated parasite definitions database, which contains signatures of spyware, adware, keyloggers, trojans, browser hijackers and other malicious programs. Practically every aspect of Spybot-S&D can be customized. The user can modify various scan and startup specific settings, set the program to ignore certain objects, schedule system scans, apply different skins or languages (Spybot-S&D is translated into 51 languages). The program includes useful additional tools, which prevent browser hijacks, uninstall user-chosen software, unrecoverably delete specified files, display and allow changing system startup settings and other advanced options. Spybot-S&D implements powerful real-time protection that blocks malicious ActiveX scripts and keeps unsolicited software off the system.

The program's interface can differ depending on the selected mode - default or advanced. The default mode is simple, clean and user-friendly. However, only few main functions are available in this mode. The advanced mode provides full access to all the settings and tools. It is quite sophisticated and therefore intended to be used mostly by skilled users.

Domains associated with this product are spybot.info, safer-networking.org and security.kolla.de.

Learn how to effectively use Spybot - Search & Destroy. Read the Spybot - Search & Destroy tutorial.
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Positive sides:

quick performance
real time protection
free to use
highly configurable
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Information added: 2005-04-18 10:19
Information updated: 2014-10-24 20:00

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Comments on Spybot Search and Destroy

everytime i try to clean up the sys , it just goes all unresponsive
The System Care Antivirus downloaded itself onto my machine. Will Spybot get rid of it?
Does anyone know how long this lasts? Does it actually remove the virus/ spyware or does i just say you have it? I have downloaded at leats five which just tell we I have a virus but doesnt fix it without buying the software. (AdAware)
Yeah, sorry. *it just, least, me and doesnt.
Spybot is crap these days. It used to be awesome years ago. Use Malwarebytes now in 2013
Bjorn Turun
I hear that the long awaited Spybot S&D version 2 will soon be available. They also seem to be working on a new website www.safer-networking.ie
Famous Wolf
I have been running SpyBot 2 now for six months.It is totally free(unless you choose to make a donation)and works very well(cleaning problems are free also) If anyone has to pay for it,make sure you have the genuine product as there are many imitations available some of them malicious.So ensure your program is from Safer Networking.SpyBot will work in tandem with other defense programs,but is better and faster on its own.Having said that Trusteer Rapport compliments it perfectly.
your daddy
if you paid for it your a dumb ass
i put it on a thumb drive to help people fix problems on thee computers and have for a while now its been free and is most likely gonna stay free
Lol just download SB S&D off there official website
never pay 4 spybot they only request donations no solicition its free try cnet!
If you payed for it or it asks for more the a donation, you messed up. google it and find some where else to down load it. Spybot works great and is free. I love it.

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