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STOPzilla review

STOPzilla AntiMalware is a powerful anti-virus program that belongs to company called iS3. According to its description, this program effectively detects, blocks, and removes malicious software from the system. It also allows users to surf the Internet and forget worries about spyware, ransomware, Trojan horses, browser hijackers and other viruses. According to its creators, STOPzilla scanner is set to go deeper into the system and checks it more thoroughly than other security products. However, it's a lightweight and speedy program, which can hardly slowdown computer, except while running a full system scan. However, you can postpone STOPzilla scan according to your needs. STOPzilla free has received numerous great reviews by popular PC magazines around the world. It's a unique security product, which is recommended by many experts. It's license costs $19.95 for a single computer and $39.95 for three PCs per year.

STOPzilla review by 2spyware research center:

Once you download STOPzilla on computer, you can see that its graphical user interface is truly straightforward and well organized. Users shouldn't encounter any problems with scanning computer, removing spyware or updating the software. Its award-winning technology ensures high detection of viruses and their removal effectiveness.

STOPzilla bonus is that it also has probably the most advanced Pop-up blocker available on the market. Pop-up blocker catches and blocks all malicious pop-ups and advertisements, including rogue security alerts and fake system errors. It blocks web based ads very effectively too. It is also worth mentioning that STOPzilla has this great module that "kills" all the malicious processes running on your machine. In such way, it not only restricts access to infected machines but also prevents malicious software from downloading additional malware components or gathers your sensitive information.

STOPzilla is frequently updated. This is a very important thing because scammers and hackers create new malware every day. Any problem or question can be resolved free of charge by STOPzilla Customer Support. Instead of sending an email you can call their support or use use online chats. That's a lot quicker and more efficient.

So, why should I download STOPzilla?

STOPzilla is a powerful anti-virus, which doesn't conflict with other PC security software, such as Internet security suites and firewalls. It can help you to find viruses and reveal their exact location by receiving detailed reports about found infections. You can fix PC with STOPzilla anytime you want because application blocks every single malicious process and program as long as it's needed. However, we recommend you to remove spyware as soon as possible.

Purchases are made via reputable services using secure connection. The latest program's version is STOPzilla AntiMalware 6.0.

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Compatible with Microsoft Windows
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STOPzilla spyware remover was carefully tested by 2-spyware.com research center. The review is the result of our test. If you know additional information about STOPzilla please send us the note.
Positive sides:
quick performance
real time protection
trial version available
effective scan engine
optimal (low) system requirements
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Comments on STOPzilla

I have had several different protection programs but have never had one as great as StopZilla. This system makes me so confident that my information is protected. The notifications of what they have stopped from affecting my computer is amazing to me. To understand and prevent so many viruses and dangers that are out there is incomprehensible but StopZilla does it!. I would never go back to the other security programs ...no matter how popular their names are!
Richard O
I am very happy with Stopzilla. I rarely am hit by a virus with the exception of "cheat monitor keylogger." It comes back like the postman but SZ still always finds it. It finds tons of spyware. I swear I dont know where that stuff comes from. Probably commercial sites.
Fair and Balanced
I have been using Stopzilla for many years along with Malwarebytes and Trend Premium and have been completely satisfied. I use Malwarebytes for double protection, and Trend as it shows any data if blocked. Those of you who are so vitriolic about a computer safety program should step back take a look at yourselves. All products and/or services, computer related or not, have pros and cons. Your willingness not to admit or accept this is just mind numbing and casts a true light on your...............well, you figure it out.
I downloaded this to help with "nation zoom" appearing as my homepage, and it still didnt help... if anyone can help please do :) im going crazy
Stopzilla sucks
Stopzilla is the very junk malware you are trying to get rid of that leads you to downloading it. Once downloaded it is virtually impossible to remove from your computer
I have Stopzilla and Malwarebytes on my other computer. Both are armed with the latest definitions. I have tried to get rid of search qu and now pc cleaner pro 2012 with them. The searchqu issue has been going on for a few months.Tried using Rkill and both in safe mode and searchqu changes to searchnu next time internet explorer is used.
With pc cleaner pro I went into control panel and deleted it from there. The pop phone us screen came up and so did an uninstall button. I think it has gone but am still running another malwarebytes scan after Rkill in safe mode to make sure. I dont really think either of them do what they claim to the extent they claim and are tired of buying copies of programs that claim to remove searchqu but do not. My email is jianakn@yahoo.com if you have something that genuinely works. Tried searching the registry for all the lines searchqu searchnu bandoo livid etc. It is still alive after 3 months of trying.
STOPzilla is ABSULUTELY USELESS - many false positives How can you give suuch a terrible program any endorsement??? Use EMSISOFT, MalWareBytes and Spybot and you will be clean!
Not happy with stopzilla. i have had £50.59 taken from my debit card. as aparently i have 2 accounts with them?. and taken twice before, I never had one. and why would i want 2 accounts anyway? I tried calling but as i live in England it costs a fortune and thier "award winning" customer services had me waiting ages. They told card company its a genuine transaction, But its not. I have also emailed them for details of my so called accounts. This is fraud. and i am going to the police. Anyone else had this problem? email me
i downloaded it but i am confused - when i press the download it doesnt come up ? help ? i am trying to remove trojan.fakealert :((
Mark H
How could you rate this crap higher than Malwarebytes and Hitman Pro. I cannot believe it!
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