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Biography of Ugnius Kiguolis

Ugnius Kiguolis is a professional malware analyst who is also the founder and the owner of 2-Spyware. At the moment, he takes over as Editor-in-chief.

Ugnius created 2-Spyware.com in 2004 for raising public awareness of the cybercrime. At a time, people didn't pay much attention to anti-virus software and safe browsing practices. The current version of the website is a result of his persistent ideas and hard work which was dedicated to help people reach virus removal guides and tech-related news as quickly as possible.

However, Ugnius admits that he wouldn't have reached such result without his hard-working team. Today, they are the ones who compose the latest and most relevant IT security news, antivirus and anti-spyware software reviews and malware removal tutorials. Being a successful team leader, he always shares his opinion and insights with the 2-Spyware team.

Ugnius has been working in computer industry for over 20 years, and, not surprisingly, his motto is “knowledge has no boundaries.” When not analyzing latest malware samples or looking for effective ways to fight against cybercrime, he spends hours reading the latest technology and science news. Artificial intelligence, electric cars and, of course, cybersecurity are just a few of topics that always engross him. Regardless of being a real geek, he is an outgoing person who enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He also counts traveling and fine food among his interests.

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Posts published by Ugnius Kiguolis

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Fake Ellen DeGeneres social media giveaways offer prizes for likes

Social media scams try to convince users that Ellen DeGeneres offers people to like and share Facebook posts to win valuable prizes. More
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Deverreb.com - adware that shows the "Push Notifications" pop-up and suggests viewing a video. More
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My Inbox Helper removal instructions

My Inbox Helper is a browser hijacking program that influences users' browsing habits. More
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What is Easy Access to Internet Services

Easy Access to Internet Services is a tricky application that provides attractive-looking features. More
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Carcn ransomware fix

Carcn ransomware is the cryptovirus that demands ransom in the file named FILES ENCRYPTED.txt. More
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