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Definition: Cracking (1)

Cracking is kind of malicious activity, when some cracker gets into someone's computer system without his permission and knowledge.More
Articles Security   April 06, 2005  

Definition: parasiteware

Parasiteware is a term used to describe any type of software or code that is engineered to attack and damage a computer system.More
Security   March 28, 2005  

The importance of antispyware

Nowadays almost everybody has a computer at home. And almost everyone of them had problems with computer threats.More
Articles Security   March 23, 2005  

Remote administration

Nowadays when life's speed is enormous and people are really busy remote administration is a really winning solution.More
Articles Security   March 22, 2005  

Definition: Stealthware

Along with spyware and adware Internet users can catch stealthware.More
Articles Security   March 09, 2005  

Internet Hoaxes (1)

Internet is full of information. Some of it is valuable and important, some of it just exist and that's all.More
Articles Security   March 08, 2005  

Definition: Phreaking

Beside hacking and close to this term, there is another illegal activity called phreaking.More
Articles Security   March 03, 2005  

DoS (Denial of Service) / DDoS

Popularity of computer attack is growing each day. We can see more and more complaints from the victims of such attacks in the mass media.More
Articles Security   March 02, 2005  

How can you protect your computer from the spyware?

Spyware is one of various programs, which can touch our privacy and be harmful for our computers.More
Articles Security   February 26, 2005  

What is spyware?

Spyware is ANY SOFTWARE which employs a user's Internet connection in the background without their knowledge or explicit permission. More
Articles Security   February 21, 2005  

Definition: Lammer

There are many threats in cyberspace. Some of them are programs, some - humans themselves.More
Articles Security   February 20, 2005  

What you need to know about carding and phishing (1)

Carding is credit card fraud. There are various carding programs and documents which offers information and methods how to get credit cards, how to produce fake credit card numbers, how to duplicate valid credit cards and how to use them. More
Articles Security   February 20, 2005  

Identity theft (1)

Identity theft is a serious crime that, unfortunately, is prevailing in the cyberspace.More
Articles Security   February 12, 2005  

Creating safe passwords

Nowadays, safety of information is one of the most important tasks in information society.More
Articles Security   February 12, 2005  

Cookies. Harmful or Harmless? (4)

You may have already heard about what cookies are and where are they used.More
Articles Security   February 12, 2005