Stay safe online - 2018-09-22

Online Retailers Are Not Protected

According to Symantec’s latest security threat report, an increasing number of internet-attack victims are big brand online retailers, who lag in addressing their vulnerability issues due to financial problems. More
General News What's new   September 14, 2007  

Is China a Home for Internet Crimes?

According to Sophos report, most of malware is made in China.More
News Spyware related issues What's new   September 13, 2007  

Create a Better Password

I think all of us know how important it is to have a strong password to secure your accounts.More
General Security   September 12, 2007  

Zlob Related Cookies Storm the Internet (Removal Guide Included)

Host-Codec, Freerealitympegs, FreePornMoviesWorld, Hotelcodec, GoCodec, GreatCodec, Micro-Codec, Inc-Codec, Net-Codec, Online-Codec, Nmextensions, Zlob.Playjust.Cookie and Page-Ticket are the names of spyware cookies that have started to infiltrate computers recently.More
Removal guides Spyware related issues   September 11, 2007  

New Virus Attacks Skype Users (Removal Guide Included) (1)

New Skype virus arrived yesterday, September 9, 2007, and it was capable of infecting large number of computers.More

China Accused of Cyber Aggression

It has been going on for a week now: Chinese hackers were mentioned TV news, printed on the first pages of newspapers and security websites.More
General News What's new   September 07, 2007  

Spyware Doctor Updated (1)

’s scan time has remarkably decreased since the 5.0.5 version.More
Anti-spyware software News   September 06, 2007  

Israeli Security Company Warns of Attack Against eBay (1)

Aladin reported large scale attacks against several popular websites.More

New Scam Warns About Identity Theft

New type of scam appeared on the United States of America. This new type should have been expected before: this time fake email messages appeals to those who are concerned about identity theft.More
News Spam and phishing What's new   September 04, 2007  

More Spam But More Anti-Spam Fight

Ponemon Institute made a conclusion for more than 125 separate studies and the conclusion is: the amount of spam is getting bigger and it becomes more sophisticated.More
News Spam and phishing   September 03, 2007  

Organized Criminals are Serious Threat to Internet Security

We have suspected this for a while, so the report by the Science and Technology committee had not surprised anyone dramatically.More
General News What's new   August 28, 2007  

Join the Club! But Beware of Scam

According to reputable security blog, new type of scam appeared on the online world. More
News Spam and phishing What's new   August 24, 2007  

Universities take serious measures against illegal downloaders

Finally, illegal downloaders from American universities will be stopped.More
General News What's new   August 22, 2007  

Personal information thefts are more common than before

People often do not take identity theft as a real crime. However you can do a lot of bad things if you have right information about someone.More
Articles General Security   August 21, 2007  

SpyShredder removal (3)

SpyShredder scam appeared on web on 13/07/07. SpyShredder is very similar to dozens of other parasites that urge people to buy some miraculous software online.More
News Removal guides   August 13, 2007  
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