Stay safe online - 2022-06-30

OpenSea has to report a major breach and customer email data leak

NFT giant suffers a massive leak of users' email addresses. More
News Security   June 30, 2022  

A multistage ZuoRAT has been targeting a wide range of SOHO routers

New unusual malware targets home-office routers to spy on networks. More
News Security   June 29, 2022  

LGBTQ+ community warned by FTC: extortionists abuse dating apps

Extortion scammers target the LGBTQ+ community on Feeld and Grindr dating applications. More
News Security   June 27, 2022  

Russian hackers use Cobalt Strike and CredoMap malware against Ukraine

Stat-backed attackers hit Ukraine with phishing campaigns spreading malware. More
News Security   June 23, 2022  

Magecart attacks becoming more stealthy: ongoing campaign report

Newly discovered attacks show the bigger scale of the Magecart infrastructure campaign. More
News Security   June 22, 2022  

New NTLM relay attack: threat actor can control the Windows domain

The attack named DFSCoerce leverages the Distributed File System to seize control of the domain. More
News Security   June 21, 2022  

Kaiser Permanente data breach: data about 70 thousand people exposed

Medical and personal data of people exposed in the data breach that happened in April. More
News Security   June 14, 2022  

Research report: how cybercriminals successfully target crypto users

Criminals impersonate popular cryptocurrency platforms to steal login information and funds. More
News Security   June 10, 2022  

FBI took down SSNDOB market for selling personal data of 24M people

An online marketplace for names, social security numbers, and dates of birth of US people got seized. More
News Security   June 08, 2022  

State-backed hackers exploiting new Microsoft Office zero-day bug

Microsoft Follina bug exploited to target entities in Europe and US. More
News Security   June 06, 2022  

Interpol arrested three Nigerians for malware use and financial crimes

Interpol announced the arrest of three criminals for their global scam operations. More
News Security   May 31, 2022  

FTC fined Twitter $150M for using peoples’ information for advertising

Twitter settles allegations that it abused non-public information collected for the security purposes. More
News Security   May 26, 2022  

London hacker charged for stealing $5 million from brokerage accounts

Hacker caused financial losses for the cybercrime that took place between 2011 and 2018. More
News Security   May 12, 2022  

Heroku confirms the customer database hack and forced password resets

GitHub OAuth token theft results in Heroku customer database hack. More
News Security   May 05, 2022  

Multiple ransomware variants now linked to North Korean hackers

Ransomware strains have been now linked to the APT38 hacker group known for financial focus. More
News Security   May 04, 2022