Stay safe online - 2017-11-24

Uber paid $100,000 to cover up the major data leak

The convenient workaround – paying the hackers. It seems that now misfortune of data breach has descended on Uber, well-known ride-hailing company specializing in driving apps.More
News Security   November 22, 2017  

Cyber threat forecasts for 2018

The business sector – constant target for malware developers. More
News Security   November 18, 2017  

8 malicious apps were detected on the Google Play store

Corrupted applications drop a multi-stage malware on Android devices. More
News Security   November 16, 2017  

Despite fears of cyber espionage, Barclays continues promoting Kaspersky products

Barclays will continue offering Kaspersky anti-virus giveaways. More
News Security   November 14, 2017  

Government of Spring Hill faces ransomware attack

City’s computer system was infected with ransomware via corrupted e-mail. More
News Security   November 13, 2017  

Hackers use phishing to steal Google accounts

IT experts report that phishing is still the most effective method to steal credentials. More
News Security   November 12, 2017  

Google Chrome will soon block redirects to malicious websites

Google adds new layer of security to Chrome: no more redirects to dangerous sites. More
News Security   November 09, 2017  

Facebook link spoofing: are you sure that this link is safe to click?

Be careful: that link on Facebook you want to click might show you malicious content. More
News Security   November 01, 2017  

Trick or treat: beware of Halloween online scams

Halloween – a way to make profit for online scammers. Halloween festival is not only a busy time for sellers of Halloween costumes and accessories but for online fraudsters as well.More
News Security   October 31, 2017  

Top tips to protect your PC from Bad Rabbit ransomware

New variant of Petya hit European companies and organizations. More
News Security   October 26, 2017  

Major security flaw detected in Wi-Fi WPA2 protocol

Almost every Wi-Fi connection is vulnerable. If you are using Wi-FI connection, secured by WPA2 protocol, you are likely to be one of the millions of fellow Internet users, who are unaware that they are exposed to cyber assault.More
News Security   October 17, 2017  

It’s Time for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

The necessity to strengthen cybersecurity. October is a special month in the cyberspace – it is the time of the year when international cybersecurity companies and individuals join forces and share knowledge how to counterattack and battle virtual threats.More
News Security   October 09, 2017  

3 billion Yahoo accounts were hacked in data breach in 2013

Every single Yahoo account was hacked in 2013. We all knew that Yahoo data breach in 2013 was massive.More
News Security   October 04, 2017  

Google redirect: how to remove this virus (5)

Google Redirect virus: the virtual annoyance that has been causing headache for computer users for years. More
News Security   September 29, 2017  

Europol warns about highest scales of ransomware attacks

Ransomware attacks exceeded other types of cyber crimes in 2017. More
News Security   September 28, 2017  
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