Stay safe online - 2021-12-03

Twitter expands its policies: bans private media posting without consent

People now cannot post images of people without having their consent. More
News Security   December 01, 2021  

Panasonic network got hacked: the company discloses data breach

Hackers managed to enter the network and access data on file servers silently. More
News Security   November 30, 2021  

Hackers exploit poorly secured Google Cloud platform to mine crypto

Compromised Google Cloud accounts used to mine cryptocurrency and abuse the system. More
News Security   November 29, 2021  

Facebook Messenger and Instagram E2E encryption delayed until 2023

The default end-to-end encryption across messaging services pushed back by a year at least. More
News Security   November 22, 2021  

Microsoft and US, UK law enforcement warns about Iranian hacker groups

Hacker groups reportedly exploiting Microsoft, Fortinet flaws and increase the use of ransomware on targets. More
News Security   November 18, 2021  

New criminal tactics: exploit-as-a-service and buying zero-day flaws

Ransomware gangs raised funds to buy zero-day flaws and move to advanced exploit-as-a-service operations. More
News Security   November 17, 2021  

Hackers enter the FBI email system to send out fake security warnings

Legitimate-looking emails with bizarre cybersecurity warnings from FBI servers got sent to people. More
News Security   November 15, 2021  

Void Balaur hackers-for-hire collect political and commercial victims

Researchers indicate the hacker group working for money that been actively attacking since 2015. More
News Security   November 11, 2021  

Nucleus:13 flaws affect devices used in the medical and aerospace sectors

13 critical vulnerabilities discovered in the Nucleus TCP/IP stack. More
News Security   November 10, 2021  

7 million Robinhood customers impacted by the data breach

Trading app hack exposes the most extensive data of 300 users. More
News Security   November 09, 2021  

Operation Cyclone ending with Clop ransomware gang arrests

A thirty-month international operation targeted ransomware creators and ended in six arrests in Ukraine back in June. More
News Security   November 08, 2021  

New Tortilla threat actor: Babuk ransomware targeting Exchange servers

Researchers report the new attack aiming to exploit Microsoft Exchange ProxyShell vulnerabilities for ransomware. More
News Security   November 04, 2021  

Police targets individuals spreading ransomware across 71 countries

Europol arrests people behind Dharma, LockerGoga, MegaCortex attacks. More
News Security   October 29, 2021  

Microsoft warns about Nobelium hacker group supply-chain attacks

Russian hacker group behind SolarWinds hack found still targeting global IT supply chain. More
News Security   October 25, 2021  

LightBasin hackers: 13 telecom service providers breached in two years

Researchers uncovered the sophisticated espionage campaign that resulted in 13 compromised organizations already. More
News Security   October 20, 2021