Stay safe online - 2018-07-19

A woman from New Jersey charged with hacking Selena Gomez's photos

The Fappening saga continues: 21-year-old woman is found responsible for hacking Selena Gomez's email accounts. More
News Security   July 18, 2018  

GandCrab V4.1 ransomware is using SMB exploit to spread around

Newest GandCrab version uses vulnerable websites to attack potential victims. More
News Security   July 16, 2018  

VSDC video editor website hacked for the third time this year

VSDC Video Editor team suffers from the attack causing redirects on their main website. More
News Security   July 12, 2018  

DomainFactory hack 2018: Users are advised to change passwords

DomainFactory confirmed a data breach in early 2018. One of the largest web hosting companies located in Germany, DomainFactory, confirms that their data was access by unauthorized parties.More
News Security   July 11, 2018  

Fake adult video sites are pushing adware-related apps

Adult sites with fake media players are spreading virus-filled programs. More
News Security   July 09, 2018  

Fortnite virus infects 78 000 computers via V-bucks app

Fortnite players fell into a trap by downloading allegedly V-bucks farming app. More
News Security   July 06, 2018  

Gmail insecurities: third-party companies can read private emails

Warning: third-party app developers can read business emails from Gmail accounts. More
News Security   July 05, 2018  

Adidas data breach: US customers' data might be at risk

Adidas announces about a potential data breach. Sports brand Adidas has announced about a possible data breach on late Thursday.More
News Security   July 02, 2018  

Ticketmaster was aware of the breach months ago before taking action

More than 40k Ticketmaster's customers are at risk due to the data breach. More
News Security   June 30, 2018  

IT experts released free Thanatos ransomware decryption tool

Free Thanatos ransomware decryption software has been released. More
News Security   June 27, 2018  

Microsoft Edge bug allows attackers to read emails and Facebook feed

Microsoft Edge is on fire - a new security feature bypass vulnerability detected. More
News Security   June 22, 2018  

The Fappening 2018: Danielle Lloyd's nude pictures are finally exposed

The Fappening 2018 continues leaking intimate images of the former Miss England and Miss Great Britain Danielle Lloyd. More
News Security   June 18, 2018  

FBI arrested 74 scammers from the U.S and Nigeria

74 people arrested for participating in Business Email Compromise schemes. More
News Security   June 13, 2018  

Football star Avery Moss is another victim of the Fappening 2018

Football star from New York Giants is embarrassed after leaked nudes. More
News Security   June 10, 2018  

Years of critical police evidence lost during Atlanta Ransomware incident

Atlanta ransomware has destroyed police dashboard camera footage. More
News Security   June 06, 2018  
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