Stay safe online - 2021-08-02

Zoom’s $85 million settlement in user privacy and “Zoombombing” lawsuit

Zoom's exponential growth during the pandemic brings light to never ending data privacy issues. More
News Security   August 02, 2021  

Biden: cyber-attacks could lead to a full-blown war

The United States of America warns rogue nations who support and sponsor cybercriminals. More
News Security   July 30, 2021  

After the Colonial pipeline attack, DHS presents new security rules

TSA worked with CISA to provide cybersecurity guidelines to prevent a repetition of major attacks. More
News Security   July 21, 2021  

Cybersecurity needs to change as deepfakes threaten our identities

Identity theft and other fraud can be easier with deepfake technologies. More
News Security   July 20, 2021  

WooCommerce releases patch for the flaw that affects WordPress sites

Millions of WordPress sites threatened by the vulnerability: potential data compromise. More
News Security   July 16, 2021  

Cybersecurity experts uncover malware attack network in Latin America

Latin American corporates are at risk: spying malware campaigns uncovered. More
News Security   July 09, 2021  

Kaspersky Password Manager's passwords could be easily brute-forced

Issues with password generation tool revealed: Kaspersky knew about easily cracked passwords back in 2019. More
News Security   July 07, 2021  

REvil asks the biggest ransom to date: 70M for a universal decryptor

Kaseya supply-chain attack puts thousands of businesses at risk: the price for all affected file recovery is set. More
News Security   July 05, 2021  

LinkedIn denies data breach: 700 million profiles for sale online

Names and contact information of 92% of users for sale on the Dark Web. More
News Security   June 30, 2021  

EA exposed to hackers: domain flaws left unfixed can lead to a breach

Cybersecurity teams warned EA, gaming giant chose ignorance and receives a lot of criticism. More
News Security   June 29, 2021  

SolarWinds attackers hit Microsoft: support system is put in danger

Microsoft Services subscribers exposed to threats as hackers gather billing details. More
News Security   June 28, 2021  

Major attacks forced Google to propose a new framework for prevention

Google has the solution that should prevent unauthorized modifications to the software. More
News Security   June 18, 2021  

ThroughTek security flaw leaves millions of cameras open for spying

Critical software vulnerability could enable threat actors to eavesdrop on people and companies or even obtain critical information. More
News Security   June 16, 2021  

With the help of other agencies, the FBI takes down Slilpp

After running for almost 10 years, the largest marketplace for stolen credentials is shut down. More
News Security   June 11, 2021  

PuzzleMaker hackers attack computers with Chrome zero-day vulnerabilities

A new hacker group attacks devices running Windows OS. Researchers have recently released a statement that multiple companies have been victims of a highly targeted cyber attack.More
News Security   June 09, 2021