Stay safe online - 2018-04-27

RansSIRIA ransomware is exploiting Syrian refugee crisis for profit

RansSIRIA ransomware developers exploit misfortune to profit. More
News Security   April 20, 2018  

Continuing [24]7.Ai Data Breach: Best Buy might also be affected

Best Buy among the victims of data breach. Soon after Delta and Sears data breaches were officially confirmed, Best Buy has been reported as another company that might have been affected during the hack.More
News Security   April 09, 2018  

Data breach affected 100,000 Sears and Delta customers

Sears Holding Corp and Delta Air Lines Inc data breach: credit card details leaked. More
News Security   April 07, 2018  

Unpatched Magento Stores hacked to mine Monero and steal card details

More than 1000 Magento sites hacked to leak credit card details and infect visitors' PCs with malware. More
News Security   April 06, 2018  

Panera Bread data breach: 37 million users data might be leaked

Everyone who has an account on should worry about their privacy. More
News Security   April 04, 2018  

Carbanak leader who is also a member of Cobalt is arrested in Spain

Europol has arrested the mastermind behind billion-dollar hacking attacks. More
News Security   April 02, 2018  

The developer of Vortex, Polski and Flotera ransomware is arrested

The author of Flotera, Polski and Vortex ransomware, Tomasz T., has been charged with 181 crimes. More
News Security   March 21, 2018  

Facebook's privacy scandal might accelerate the falling popularity

Massive Facebooks data breach by Cambridge Analytica might have influenced Donald Trump’s election. More
News Security   March 20, 2018  

The royal disaster: Meghan Markle is another victim of the fappening

The fappening 2018 continues: nudes of Meghan Markle published online. More
News Security   March 19, 2018  

The Fappening 2018: 4 ways to protect your nude photos from hackers

The Fappening continues and doesn't seem to stop soon. More
News Security   March 18, 2018  

Equifax hack: former CIO Jun Ying charged with insider trading

Former chief information officer Jun Ying has been charged with insider trading. More
News Security   March 17, 2018  

Hacked BitTorrent client MediaGet infected 400k PCs with crypto-mining malware

400,000 PC users infected with Dofoil crypto-mining malware via corrupted BitTorrent client MediaGet. More
News Security   March 16, 2018  

Cyber-espionage group stole data from UK government contractor

The APT15 group stole UK government and military documents. More
News Security   March 14, 2018  

Russia hacked Winter Olympics and put the blame on North Korea

Russians were behind the cyber attack during 2018 Winter Olympics opening ceremony. More
News Security   February 26, 2018  

Pyeongchang Winter Olympics opening disrupted by cyber attack

Servers of PyeongChang Olympic committee were hacked during the opening ceremony. More
News Security   February 17, 2018  
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