Stay safe online - 2019-03-20

Two-thirds of Android anti-malware tools on Google Play are useless

The 2019 Android Test results published by AV-Comparatives showed that most apps provide inadequate protection from malware. More
News Security   March 15, 2019  

Zero-day exploits used in 1.6 Counter-Strike servers to spread malware

39% of Counter-Strike 1.6 active servers are exploited via the remote code execution vulnerabilities. More
News Security   March 14, 2019  

Two Ukranian men sued for scraping data on Facebook from 63k users

Facebook is suing two Ukrainians who used quick apps to illegally harvest private data of 63k users for advertisement purposes. More
News Security   March 12, 2019  

The first million from Bug Bounty awards earned by a 19-year-old

A teen self-taught hacker made his first million dollars thanks to legal hacking. More
News Security   March 04, 2019  

TikTok pays $5.7M penalty for collecting children's private data

TikTok failed to protect children's private data and agrees to pay $5.7M as a monetary fee. More
News Security   March 02, 2019  

FIDO2 certification allows password-less logins for Android users

Devices running Android 7 and above will be able to use more secure online account login methods rather than passwords. More
News Security   February 26, 2019  

Stanford data breach: students access each others' personal details

Students can view their colleagues' sensitive information due to a data breach at Stanford University. More
News Security   February 24, 2019  

6.7 Million Aadhaar card numbers leaked by Indane gas endpoint

LPG Gas company leaked names and addresses of 6 700 000 Indian customers. More
News Security   February 20, 2019  

Polished Facebook phishing attack seeks to steal users' credentials

Facebook users beware: a new phishing campaign might trick even the most observant. More
News Security   February 18, 2019  

Hacker selling another 127 million user accounts from 8 companies

The hacker who previously sold 620 million accounts from 16 companies came back with another 127 million records and put them up for sale on the Dark Web. More
News Security   February 15, 2019  

VFEmail system hacked: all data erased with no possibility of recovery cyber attack results in removal of data which was accumulated throughout 20 years. More
News Security   February 14, 2019  

Xiaomi electric scooter can be controlled remotely due to the bug

Electric scooters can be stopped or accelerated remotely because of security vulnerability . More
News Security   February 13, 2019  

Password Checkup extension on Chrome takes care of password safety

Google released a new feature which allows protecting sensitive data and passwords. More
News Security   February 07, 2019  

Airbus experiences a data breach after a "cyber incident"

Airbus announces about the cyber incident related to Airbus information systems. More
News Security   January 31, 2019  

Hacked server marketplace xDedic seized in the international operation

xDedic, the illegal site that sold credentials for server access, was shut down in Ukraine by the FBI, Europol and other bodies. More
News Security   January 30, 2019  
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