Stay safe online - 2021-09-27

SUEX sanctioned by the US due to the involvement in criminal attacks

Russian cryptocurrency exchange linked to ransomware gangs and money laundering transactions sanctioned by the U.S Treasury Department. More
News Security   September 22, 2021  

Man responsible for unlocking AT&T phones put in prison for 12 years

The DOJ says AT&T phone unlocking malware costs 200 million for the carrier. More
News Security   September 20, 2021  

Yandex fighting the massive DDoS attack: services and data not impacted

The biggest attack in Russian internet history carried out by a botnet. More
News Security   September 09, 2021  

ProtonMail faces criticism for lack of anonymity of French activists

The ProtonMail provided IP addresses led to the arrest of French climate activists. More
News Security   September 07, 2021  

After backlash, Apple delays the plan to scan devices for child abuse

Detection technology could scan the device for child abuse material stopped due to privacy criticism. More
News Security   September 06, 2021  

FTC bans the first company for stalkerware – Spyfone surveillance app

The app was able to spy on texts, calls, location, social media habits without users' consent. More
News Security   September 02, 2021  

Indonesia’s Covid-19 App leaked healthcare data of 1.3M travelers

The test-and-trace app exposes users personal and sensitive data on an open server. More
News Security   August 31, 2021  

Soon after the end of Ragnarok ransomware, the master key gets released

Victims of the cryptovirus will be able to decrypt their files now. More
News Security   August 27, 2021  

Biden gets Google, IBM, Apple to commit to the national cybersecurity

In the wake of cyber threats, the USA see billions of dollars in investments. More
News Security   August 26, 2021  

FBI research on OnePercent Group: organizations targeted since 2020

The group used Cobalt Strike to distribute ransomware for money extortion. More
News Security   August 24, 2021  

100M people in danger due to a possible T-Mobile customer data breach

A hacker claims to have breached the data of T-Mobile clients: database for sale. More
News Security   August 16, 2021  

Details of 1 million credit cards released for free on the Deep Web

Nearly 1 million credit cards were released in an effort to promote carding market. More
News Security   August 11, 2021  

LockBit ransomware attacks targeting Australia

Australian government warns organizations about increased LockBit ransomware attacks. More
News Security   August 09, 2021  

You can now try Microsoft Edge’s “Super Duper Secure Mode”

Improving user security without affecting performance. Microsoft Edge is an internet browser that replaced Internet Explorer, which ran slower and had other issues.More
News Security   August 06, 2021  

Report: a global 125% increase in cyberattacks

Cyber attacks have tripled since last year. A report published in Accenture's Cyber Investigations, Forensics & Response mid-year update brings a worrying message - cybercrime activity has jumped 125% globally in the first half of 2021.More
News Security   August 05, 2021