Stay safe online - 2018-02-22

Pyeongchang Winter Olympics opening disrupted by cyber attack

Servers of PyeongChang Olympic committee were hacked during the opening ceremony. More
News Security   February 17, 2018  

UK government: Kremlin is responsible for NotPetya ransomware attack

British Foreign Office Minister accused Russia of massive NotPetya cyber attack in June 2017. More
News Security   February 15, 2018  

U.K and U.S websites hit by Monero-mining malware

Government sites were hijacked by a hidden script of Monero miner. More
News Security   February 12, 2018  

Details of 12k social media influencers are leaked due to Octoly breach

Using an unsecured Amazon server resulted in the data breach at Octoly marketing firm. More
News Security   February 10, 2018  

New cryptominer spreads via MacUpdate hack

MacUpdate trojan downloads a crypto miner from Adobe Creative Cloud servers. More
News Security   February 05, 2018  

The Best Free Malware Removal Tools of 2018

Choose the best free malware removal app to protect your PC and smartphone. More
News Security   February 04, 2018  

Jackpotting attacks make U.S ATMs spit out cash in seconds

Police has reported about the first jackpotting attacks in the U.S. More
News Security   January 31, 2018  

Abuse of Google DoubleClick leads to crypto-miners on YouTube ads

Hackers managed to compromise Google's DoubleClick platform to serve ads with crypto-mining malware on YouTube. More
News Security   January 30, 2018  

Tinder vulnerability lets criminals spy on your swipes

Researchers have found a major Tinder vulnerability which allows tracking every move on the app. More
News Security   January 28, 2018  

Turla hacking group updated Neuron malware to attack UK organizations

Organizations in the UK are warned about possible Neuron malware attacks. More
News Security   January 27, 2018  

Uber security flaw allows hackers to bypass two-factor authentication

Uber refused to fix the bug which compromised two-factor authentication. More
News Security   January 23, 2018  

The Fappening 2018: Charissa Thompson's nudes leaked via iCloud hack

Sports host Charissa Thompson confirms that her nude photos were stolen during the iCloud breach. More
News Security   January 22, 2018  

Hospital pays $55k during ransomware attack

Criminals hacked into the network of Hancock Health and demanded to pay $55k. More
News Security   January 17, 2018  

WhatsApp flaw might let joining group chats without permission

WhatsApp security vulnerability detected: new members might be added to group chats without admin’s permission. More
News Security   January 11, 2018  

Blackberry site was compromised with Monero-mining malware

Reddit user finds a Coinhive script added to the Blackberry's site code. More
News Security   January 09, 2018  
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