Stay safe online - 2018-11-20

A security flaw in Instagram resulted in users' password exposure

Download Your Data tool bug exposed passwords in plain text. More
News Security   November 20, 2018  

Due to unprotected database, Kars4Kids suffered from the data breach

Kars4Kids data breach exposed 21 612 records filled with personally identifiable information. More
News Security   November 18, 2018  

1% of HSBC bank customers affected by the data breach

HSBC bank USA announces about the data breach exposing customers' account numbers, balances and other information. More
News Security   November 07, 2018  

Radisson Hotel Group data breach involves Reward program members' data

Radisson Rewards data breach exposes personal information about customers. More
News Security   November 02, 2018  

Hackers' tricks and cyber security's treats: stay safe this Halloween

Cyber Security Awareness Month encourages users to be aware of Halloween scams and phishing attacks. More
News Security   October 31, 2018  

Tomorrowland's ticket system hacked, personal data stolen

Tens of thousands of Tomorrowland customers' data exposed due to the ticket distributor's hack. More
News Security   October 30, 2018  

9.4 million passengers affected after Cathay Pacific warns data hack

Almost 10 million passengers involved in Cathay Pacific data hack. More
News Security   October 27, 2018  

Free decryptor released for GandCrab versions 1, 4, and 5

Several versions of the infamous GandCrab ransomware can now be decrypted. More
News Security   October 26, 2018  

Staying safe while shopping online. How?

Safety while shopping online is obligatory to keep sensitive data protected. More
News Security   October 25, 2018  

73 GB of internal corporate data exposed by Pocket iNet ISP

Misconfiguration of Amazon S3 storage pocket resulted in data exposure. More
News Security   October 24, 2018  

Numerous people in Iceland under the danger of cyber attack

Iceland hit by a serious cyber attack mimicking local police. More
News Security   October 16, 2018  

Magecart strikes again: targets Shopper Approved eCommerce websites

Magecart rewrote the script of the plugin provided by Shopper Approved. More
News Security   October 11, 2018  

Facebook hacked. What should you do after hearing such news?

3 bugs found in the "View As" feature put around 50 million Facebook users' accounts at risk. More
News Security   September 30, 2018  

Fashion retailer SHEIN revealed data breach that affected 6.4M users

SHEIN reported that millions of customers' data was breached after a successful cyber attack. More
News Security   September 26, 2018  

Magecart hacking group is back: Newegg customers' data stolen

Magecart uses same credit card skimming technique to steal data from Newegg customers. More
News Security   September 20, 2018  
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