Stay safe online - 2020-11-27

Anti-virus software do a poor job of detecting exploits

Independent testing firm NSS Labs has reported that major commercial anti-virus products do a poor job of detecting the client side exploits used to attack vulnerabilities in Web browsers, Adobe Flash, Reader, and Apple QuickTime.More
Articles Internet   August 24, 2010  

Some web sites to avoid for today (6),, and is typical browser hijackers that want you to install fake security tool into your machine.More
Internet Security   January 15, 2009  

Numbers of corrupt anti-viruses rise rapidly (1)

PandaLabs had reported recent increase of fake antivirus applications.More

Security issues under ?€?Forgot your password??€? link

Every social network, every webmail system and every website that requires registration for browsing or using services, has some way to remind passwords to registered members.More
Articles Internet   September 10, 2008  

Malware statistics of August 2008 by Kaspersky Security Network (1)

Kaspersky Security Network technology has been active for more than two months now; it gathered interesting information at the time. More

What could happen if you?€™d replied to every single spam message?

Have you ever wondered what could happen if you'd replied to every "Buy V1agra" message, clicked on every link offering weight loss pills or video of Cristina Aguilera naked?More

Can malware tactics be used for good effects?

Computer parasites are evil. No one likes them and almost everyone can share terrible experience related to some malware attack.More
Articles General Internet Security   May 07, 2008  

?€?Purchase the full version!?€? ?€“ Is it scam? (1)

How can we distinguish whether a program is anti spyware or a rogue anti spyware?More
Articles Internet Security   March 07, 2008  

Block malicious websites in advance (Updated) (9)

There are plenty of malicious websites today. Some of them install trojans and other malware once you visit them and others pretend to be legitimate websites that sell security tools.More
Articles Internet Security   January 30, 2008  

Blocking Spyware Using the HOSTS File

Blocking the unwanted content in your HOSTS file may sound challenging, but the truth is that even an inexperienced user can do it in just a few of seconds. More
Articles Internet Security Tutorials   January 21, 2008  

How to avoid email scams and phishing (2)

You hear about scams that lurk online every day. When you see as many articles about successful phishing attempts as this year, you may think that whole online scam thing is exaggerated.More

Five dirty tricks (in a row)

The obvious problem with cyber-crime is that, unlike decent murdering and burglarizing criminals, they are intelligent enough to make a fool of you and your anti-viral software by using insidious methods, which are difficult to recognize.More
Articles General Internet Security   September 28, 2007  
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