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sgtray.exe is a process that is usually installed together with Veritas data backup utilities.More
Application files Files   August 01, 2012  

Define mqrt.dll file. Do I need it?

mqrt.dll is a system process that belongs to Microsoft Windows Operating System.More
Application files Files   July 19, 2012  

Msascui.exe removal guide

msascui.exe is a process that enables Windows Defender Antispyware to protect your computer.More
Application files Files   July 17, 2012  


File mplayer.exe is an essential part of Windows Media Player, published by Microsoft.More
Application files Files   April 14, 2012  


The process BCU.exe belongs to the software Browser Configuration Utility by DeviceVM, Inc.More
Application files Files   February 20, 2012  


The process AmIcoSingLun.exe belongs to the software Alcor Micro USB Card Reader or AmIcoSingLun or IconUtility by AlcorMicro Co., Ltd.More
Application files Files   October 26, 2011  


File stub.exe is related to lightweight programming tool, published by Delorie Software.More
Application files Files   April 12, 2011  


lnssatt.exe is part if the GFI Software Attendant Service application.More
Application files Files   May 10, 2008  

Irsetup.exe file characteristics

The file IRSETUP.EXE is not adware. It is actually part of the extremely common Setup Factory 6.0 installer builder product by Indigo Rose Software .More
Application files Files   June 19, 2007