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Stay safe online - 2019-11-12

Do I need cli.exe file?

cli.exe is a legitimate file, which is installed on your computer as a part of ATI graphics card drivers.More
Application files Files   April 01, 2014  

Is ccap.exe a safe file?

ccap.exe is genuine and legitimate file. This file is included to several Symantec products, such as Norton Antivirus, Norton Personal Firewall, etc.More
Application files Files   March 31, 2014  

Understanding wscntfy.exe file and its importance

wscntfy.exe is the executable file of Windows XP Service Pack 2.More
Application files Files   March 13, 2014  

ALCXMNTR.EXE information

ALCXMNTR.EXE is an executable process of RealTek audio drivers.More
Application files Files   February 27, 2014  

Do I need SAService.exe file?

SAService.exe is one of the main executables of the McAfee SiteAdvisor.More
Application files Files   February 26, 2014  

ALCMTR.EXE information

alcmtr.exe is a legitimate process, which is usually installed alongside RealTek sound card drivers.More
Application files Files   February 25, 2014  

Is exefile.exe a safe file?

exefile.exe is an executable process, which may appear on your computer after installing EVE Online, EVE, the Second Genesis and other games.More
Application files Files   February 18, 2014  

LDMConf.exe information

LDMConf.exe is an executable file, which belongs to the Logitech Desktop Messenger or LDM.More
Application files Files   January 30, 2014  


p_981116.exe is a legitimate process of DirectX 6.0 that acts as an executable file in Microsoft Windows operating systems.More
Application files Files   November 25, 2013  


ctxfihlp.exe is a legitimate process, which is installed as a part of Creative Technology audio devices.More
Application files Files   October 09, 2013  


Nslookup.exe is legitimate system file from Microsoft Corporation that can be found in this subcategory: %SystemRoot%\System32.More
Application files Files   October 07, 2013  


blackice.exe is the non-Windows process which is related to the BlackICE MFC Application.More
Application files Files   August 21, 2012  


hidfind.exe is a legitimate process which is important for secure and stable computer's functionality.More
Application files Files   August 07, 2012  


ioctlsvc.exe is a process which is associated with IoctlSvc Application made by Prolific Technology Inc.More
Application files Files   August 07, 2012  

What is the function of SaiMfd.exe

SaiMfd.exe is a non-system process which is associated with SST configuration software for Saitek game controllers.More
Application files Files   August 02, 2012  
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