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Bytefence.exe explanation

Bytefence.exe is a legitimate file which relies on dubious distribution methods. More
Application files Files   February 27, 2018  

Do I need to remove Mbamservice.exe?

Mbamservice.exe might cause high CPU usage due to the corrupted update. More
Application files Files   January 29, 2018  

File Itibiti.exe information

Itibiti.exe file is closely related to adware program. Itibiti.exe is a file that is associated with Itibiti Soft Phone and Knctr applications.More
Application files Files   January 12, 2018  

Vulkaninfo.exe explanation

Vulkaninfo.exe is a safe file that helps to enhance the quality of computer games. More
Application files Files   January 03, 2018  

Vulkaninfo32.exe explained

Vulkaninfo32.exe file can also indicate malware. Vulkaninfo32.exe Nvidia is a legitimate additional component of graphics applications used by Vulkan STD.More
Application files Files   December 28, 2017  

File igfxpers.exe definition

Igfxpers.exe might use high CPU power. Igfxpers.exe persistence is a legitimate program which refers to Intel Graphics Resolution Persistence Module and provides additional configuration options.More
Application files Files   December 19, 2017  

Do I need arp.exe file?

Arp.exe stands for Address Resolution Protocol command. The latter serves for transferring Internet layer to link layer addresses.More
Application files Files   July 13, 2017  

Prefs.js details and description

The reason why Prefs.js is on your system. Prefs.js is a file that stores Firefox user settings and options.More
Application files Files   July 04, 2017  

Is wextract.exe a safe file?

wextract.exe is a critical component of Windows OS. wextract.exe is a legitimate system file that belongs to Windows operating system.More
Application files Files   June 02, 2017  

Is _HOWDO_text.bmp a safe file?

What do you need to know about the _HOWDO_text.bmp file? _HOWDO_text.bmp is an image file that is closely related to ODIN ransomware virus.More
Application files Files   October 10, 2016  

Understanding avkservice.exe file and its importance

avkservice.exe is a legitimate process, which can also be called 'AVKService Module'.More
Application files Files   March 10, 2015  

File NvTmru.exe definition

NvTmru.exe is a legitimate executable, which is related to a program known as NVIDIA GeForce Experience.More
Application files Files   February 17, 2015  

File wscsvc.dll information

wscsvc.dll is a dynamic library, which is also known as Windows Security Center Service.More
Application files Files   January 28, 2015  

Files.ini explanation

files.ini is a configuration file, which can be related to lots of different programs.More
Application files Files   January 27, 2015  

Winzip quick pick.exe

winzip quick pick.exe is a legitimate executable, which is also known as WinZip Quick Pick.More
Application files Files   July 04, 2014