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Stay safe online - 2020-11-30

Microsoft releases updates to address 44 security vulnerabilities

Microsoft continuously patches flaws in its software and releases security updates on the second Tuesday of every month.More
News Web browsers   June 15, 2016  

Oracle has decided to displace Ask with Yahoo! in Java updates

For many years, Oracle has been blamed for filling crucial Java updates with Ask Toolbar.More
News Web browsers   June 29, 2015  

Google Chrome is not bulletproof: vulnerabilities reported by users (1)

Google Chrome attracts users from around the world like a new shiny toy, but security experts recommend waiting till security issues are fixed.More
News Vulnerabilities Web browsers   September 12, 2008  

Wireless networks not safe

People tend to rely on wireless networks a lot these days, but there are things concerning the security measures employed in this method of connectivity that people don't know about, thus putting themselves in danger of being spied on. More

Locationbar?² – new Firefox Security add-on

One of the methods of phishing your personal information is to direct you to a spoofed site, that looks exactly how it's supposed to, but the appearance is just a trick to lead you to a site designed specifically to collect your personal info.More
Articles Security Web browsers   October 19, 2007  

Mac OSX and Linux found vulnerable to URI flaws

Recently Microsoft announced that it would release necessary patches for a vulnerability related to the URI protocol handling technology.More

Phishtank’s annual phishing statistics (1)

A project against phishing, Phishtank, has released a report with the annual statistics on this issue.More
General News Spam and phishing Web browsers   October 10, 2007  

Sun released new Java updates (1)

Sun Microsystems, the company behind Java Runtime Environment , has released an update that fixes many security flaws, indluding some that could allow hackers to compromise or steal data from unpatched systems. More
General News Vulnerabilities Web browsers   October 09, 2007  

China Internet Security Response Team attacked

Although China has been accused of government-backed attacks , China itself has been attacked: one of the country's internet security sites contains malicious code.More

New media player exploits (1)

Apple’s Quicktime and Microsoft Windows Media Player could continue to be ways of infection regardless of what the default internet browser a user has.More
General News Web browsers What's new   September 27, 2007  

The iPhone: a new challenge for hackers (1)

Even though Apple’s new product, The iPhone, is yet to be compromised by security risks, there are potential ways hackers can use to do so. More

Internet Explorer in 2006

Did you browse the Internet with the world's most popular web browser last year?More
News Web browsers   January 05, 2007  

Firefox vulnerability can be used to steal confidential information

New security vulnerability in the second most popular web browser Mozilla Firefox has been discovered yesterday.More
News Vulnerabilities Web browsers   November 23, 2006  
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