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Stay safe online - 2020-09-26

How cloud computing benefits business on the move

The conventional office can be a fixed and rather limiting place.More
News What's new   June 26, 2014  

ZERO DAY – a Film About War with Cybercrime

ZERO DAY is a film about cybercrime, where a journalist Brian Krebs tracks down and takes an interview from a money mule, moves stolen money for the Russian mob.More
News What's new   April 30, 2012  

A New Type of Phishing Attack – Tabnapping

Be aware because a new variant of "phishing" has been revealed!More
News What's new   May 26, 2010  

Major malicious websites registrar shutting down on November 24

Have you ever wondered how come people are able to register malicious websites and keep those going without facing any legal issues?More
News Spam and phishing What's new   November 21, 2008  

AVG staff sliped once again

There must be someone at AVG Technologies trying to sabotage reputation of products developed by this company.More
General News What's new   November 17, 2008  

Critical Windows file labeled as malicious by AVG Anti-Virus (1)

No one wants to run a security program that uses false positives.More
News What's new   November 12, 2008  

Fake porn video websites distributing malware

Adult websites are known for spreading various computer parasites.More
General News What's new   October 27, 2008  

Browser hijackers become more frequent threat (1)

Rogue security tools seem to be the most popular way to fool people and get their money, but the situation might change quite soon.More

Malware creates fake malicious YouTube websites

Almost every computer user knows how difficult it is to remove malware, but do you know how difficult it is to make a malicious website to infect computers?More

Adobe Flash employed by scammers

Although there are plenty of ways and tools to block pop-ups, there always seems to be more ways to deliver unwanted advertisements no matter what blocker or filter technologies are used on a computer. More
News What's new   September 09, 2008  

How does your email ID influence spam you receive?

If you and your friend have email accounts provided by the same ISP or you got those on the same webmail system, you will receive different amounts of spam messages.More
Articles Email News Spam and phishing What's new   September 07, 2008  

Computers at International Space Station got infected

NASA admitted that several laptops at International Space Station were infected with worm dedicated to steal passwords.More
General News What's new   September 01, 2008  

Two reporters banned from Black Hats conference for hacking

What should be expected in hackers' conference? If we put talks about cool tricks and security problems aside, the least you can expect is some action.More
General News What's new   August 13, 2008  

MySpace spammer sentenced to pay $6 million

Spammers are not the most popular persons in a world, but $6 million fine one of them has to pay still makes you raise eyebrows.More
News Spam and phishing What's new   June 19, 2008  

France and Japan combines efforts to fight cyber crimes

Each country is limited by its laws and territory, while cyber crimes are global.More
General News What's new   June 13, 2008