Stay safe online - 2018-02-17

Getting rid of SOPA virus

SOPA virus is a dangerous ransomware infection that, similarly to FBI virus or Celas virus, shows illegal alert.More
Ransomware Viruses   October 10, 2012  

‘Stop Online Piracy Automatic Protection System’ (1)

'Stop Online Piracy Automatic Protection System' is a forged message, which should be ignored because it has nothing to do with an anti-piracy organization, called SOPA.More
Ransomware Viruses   October 09, 2012  

Remove La policia ESPAÑOLA virus

La policia ESPAÑOLA virus is a cyber infection that belongs to ransomware category.More
Ransomware Viruses   September 07, 2012  

Remove United States Cyber Security virus

United States Cyber Security virus belongs to the category of ransomwares that use Reveton trojan to lock the system down and display a misleading message about law violations.More
Ransomware Viruses   September 04, 2012  

Remove Cybercrime Investigation Department virus (1)

Cybercrime Investigation Department virus is a ransomware that should never be taken as a legitimate warning got from the Cybercrime Department.More
Ransomware Viruses   August 20, 2012  

Remove Windows Anytime Upgrade Ukash virus

Windows Anytime Upgrade Ukash virus is a clear example how scammers are actively trying to rip their victims off.More
Ransomware Viruses   August 10, 2012  

Eliminate Copyright violation alert (2)

Copyright violation alert titled fake I-Q Manager Antipiracy foundation scanner is the latest ransomware that prompts users of the compromised computers to pay a fee for copyrighted materials such as songs, movies or software.More
Ransomware Viruses   February 28, 2012  

Antivirus XP Hard Disk Repair v9

Antivirus XP Hard Disk Repair v9 is a ransom Trojan that pretends to be legitimate antivirus software.More
Ransomware Viruses   January 23, 2012  
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