How to remove ransomware
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Database of ransomware

March 20, 2019

LockerGoga ransomware

LockerGoga is a ransomware-type virus that recently attacked Norwegian aluminum producer. More
March 19, 2019

JNEC.a ransomware

JNEC.a ransomware is a file locking malware that spreads with the help of WinRAR code execution vulnerability. More
March 19, 2019

Golden Axe ransomware

Golden Axe ransomware – a file locking virus which adds five random characters to the encrypted file. More
March 18, 2019

NWA ransomware

NWA ransomware is a file locking malware that uses explorer.exe as its main executable. More
March 18, 2019

Kropun ransomware

Kropun ransomware is another variant of the devastating STOP ransomware virus. More
March 17, 2019

MegaLocker virus

MegaLocker virus – ransomware which performs the encryption by using the AES-128 cipher in the CBC mode. More
March 15, 2019

Kroput ransomware

Kroput ransomware – a file-locking threat which belongs to the Djvu family and appends the .kroput extension to each file. More
March 13, 2019

Yatron ransomware

Yatron ransomware – a file-encrypting virus which uses EternalBlue and DoublePulsar exploits to enter Windows computer systems. More
March 12, 2019

Clop ransomware

Clop ransomware is evasive malware that targets corporate networks instead of regular computer users. More
March 09, 2019

Promorad ransomware

Promorad ransomware – a Djvu-related virus which offers a 50% discount for the decryption key. More
March 08, 2019

CrazyCrypt ransomware

CrazyCrypt ransomware is a cryptovirus based on other threats, that releases three new versions in the span of a week. More
March 08, 2019

X3 ransomware

X3 ransomware – yet another Scarab ransomware version that shows up at the beginning of 2019. More
March 07, 2019

Promock ransomware

Promock ransomware – a file-encrypting cyber threat which belongs to the Djvu ransomware family. More
March 07, 2019

Annabelle 2.1 ransomware

Annabelle 2.1 ransomware is a wiper-type virus that corrupts all personal data on the computer. More
March 07, 2019

Kitty ransomware

Kitty ransomware – a cryptovirus that renames every encrypted file on users' system with .kitty file marker. More
March 06, 2019

Jokeroo ransomware

Jokeroo ransomware is a notorious threat which creates a payment site and convinces users to spread the malware further. More
March 06, 2019

DeltaSEC ransomware

DeltaSEC ransomware is malware that relates to Jigsaw family but fails to encrypt any files. More
March 05, 2019

JCry ransomware

JCry ransomware is a crypto-virus that was meant  to be delivered to Israeli website visitors in the #OpJerusalem campaign. More
March 05, 2019

CSP ransomware

CSP ransomware is the cryptovirus that locks users' data with the AES encryption algorithm and demands payment in Bitcoin cryptocurrency. More
March 05, 2019

GandCrab 5.2 ransomware

GandCrab 5.2 is the ransomware that came out quickly after Bitdefender's decryptor for previous versions was released. More
March 04, 2019

GarrantyDecrypt ransomware

GarrantyDecrypt is the cryptovirus that releases the newest variant In February 2019 which pretends to be the alert from the Proton security team. More
March 04, 2019

Cammora ransomware

Cammora ransomware is the variant of GarrantyDecrypt cryptovirus that appends files using .cammora extension. More
March 04, 2019

Djvu ransomware

Djvu ransomware is a data locking malware that uses a variety of file extensions, including .tfude, .pdff and .adobe. More
March 03, 2019

Promoz ransomware

Promoz ransomware – a cryptolocker which belongs to the Djvu ransomware family. More
March 01, 2019

ARTEMY ransomware

ARTEMY ransomware is a file locking malware that targets Russian users. More
March 01, 2019

Frendi ransomware

Frendi ransomware is the cryptovirus that delivers two files with information about the attack: HTML window and Encrypted.txt. More
February 27, 2019

BestChangeRu ransomware

BestChangeRu ransomware is the cryptovirus that targets Russian users and demands 25 000 Rubles in Bitcoin . More
February 26, 2019

Obfuscated ransomware

Obfuscated ransomware – a decryptable cryptovirus which is also known as BigBobRoss. More
February 26, 2019

Pewcrypt ransomware

Pewcrypt ransomware – a virus that is created to increase sub count for the famous YouTube star PewDiePie. More
February 25, 2019

DoggeWiper ransomware

DoggeWiper ransomware is crypto malware created by vulgar authors and is usually transmitted via Discord. More
February 25, 2019

AYE ransomware

AYE ransomware – a Dharma-related virus which appends the .AYE extension to locked files. More

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