Stay safe online - 2018-12-17

How to remove Svcvmx virus

Things to know if Svcvmx.exe virus runs on your computer. Svcvmx virus is a dangerous ad-clicking Trojan that can perform various activities on your computer without user’s knowledge.More
Trojans Viruses   September 27, 2017  

Eliminate Poweliks virus

Poweliks virus is a fileless infection that is hard to remove. More
Trojans Viruses   September 25, 2017  

Terminate Zeus virus

Zeus virus is still active in 2017. Zeus virus is a Trojan horse which has been known as a truly malicious computer virus used by cyber criminals to collect confidential data. More
Trojans Viruses   September 13, 2017  

Remove GameOver Zeus

GameOver Zeus is used for stealing financial data and spreading CryptoLocker ransomware. More
Trojans Viruses   August 11, 2017  

What is Magala virus

Magala Trojan exploits victim's computer to generate pay-per-click revenue. More
Trojans Viruses   July 14, 2017  

Neutrino virus removal guide

Neutrino virus points its daggers to point-of-sale terminals. More
Trojans Viruses   July 04, 2017  

Terminate “The Requested Resource is in Use” error (3)

What should you about "The Requested Resource is in Use" error? More
Trojans Viruses   March 31, 2017  

Remove BrowserMe virus (3)

Why you should protect your PC from BrowserMe and Chrome_Font.exe programs? More
Trojans Viruses   January 23, 2017  

Uninstall DNS Changer Malware

DNS Changer trojan is an infection that is used to redirect users to fraudulent domains, change user's search results and serve compromised ads.More
Trojans Viruses   January 05, 2017  

Win32/Necurs removal guide

What is known about Necurs rootkit? Win32/Necurs, Trojan:Win32/Necurs or just simply Necurs virus is a dangerous trojan horse, which is used to distribute various computer infections, for example, rogue anti-spyware that belong to 'WinWeSec' family.More
Trojans Viruses   October 25, 2016  

Uninstalling Trojan.Kotver!Ink (4)

The peculiarities of Trojan.Kotver!Ink malware. Trojan.Kotver!Ink virus is surely not the kind of malware anyone would like to deal with.More
Trojans Viruses   October 12, 2016  

Remove BlackMoon virus (4)

How does BlackMoon banking Trojan act on a compromised computer? More
Trojans Viruses   July 25, 2016  

Removal of Backdoor.Teamviewer (3)

What you should know about Backdoor.Teamviewer malware? First of all, we must note that TEAMVIEWER IS NOT MALICIOUS and it is NOT REATED TO BACKDOOR.TEAMVIEWER IN ANY WAY.More
Trojans Viruses   June 08, 2016  

Removal of caMyciloP (1)

Description of caMyciloP virus. How does it act on a compromised computer? More
Trojans Viruses   April 27, 2016  

Terminate JS/ScrInject.b

What should you know about JS/ScrInject.b virus? JS/ScrInject.b virus is a new threat in the category of Trojan viruses.More
Trojans Viruses   April 26, 2016  
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