Stay safe online - 2018-03-20

Reveton Trojan removal (10)

Reveton Trojan is a harmful program, ransomware, that presents about itself for its victim through seemingly legitimate alert from The FBI Federal Bureau, Canadian Security Intelligence Service or other reputable service.More
Trojans Viruses   September 24, 2013  

CitiBank virus

Citibank virus is a dangerous cyber infection, which can easily steal your personal information, such as banking data, loggins and passwords.More
Trojans Viruses   June 17, 2013  

HSBC virus (1)

HSBC virus is a trojan horse, which is spread via misleading email messages that claim to be from HSBC Bank.More
Trojans Viruses   June 17, 2013  


Infostealer.Nemim is a Trojan horse, which belongs to the same group of trojans as Infostealer virus.More
Trojans Viruses   April 26, 2013  

Infostealer virus removal

Infostealer virus is a fraudulent application, a trojan horse, which is used to collect sensitive information about the user.More
Trojans Viruses   January 21, 2013  


W32/Patched.UC is a Trojan horse, which is responsible for many tasks on its target computer.More
Trojans Viruses   September 17, 2012  

Gimemo virus

Gimemo virus is a trojan horse which is related to a group of ransomwares that are actively spread at the moment.More
Trojans Viruses   August 23, 2012  


Trojan.Malscript is a dangerous family of trojan horses, which is famous for such members as Trojan.Malscript!gen, Trojan.Malscript!JS or the latest Trojan.Malscript!html.More
Trojans Viruses   August 18, 2012  

Trojan.FakeAV (2)

WHAT IS TROJAN.FAKEAV? Trojan.FakeAV is a family of trojans that all work on trying to steal the money from PC users.More
Trojans Viruses   July 17, 2012  

CIS virus

CIS virus belongs to the category of trojans that are dangerous in many cases, so don't hesitate and remove CIS virus from the system as soon as you notice it there.More
Trojans Viruses   June 26, 2012  

Terminate Alureon

Trojan Alureon is a trojan horse, which has several variants floating in internet space.More
Trojans Viruses   June 17, 2012  


Graftor is a family of malicious Trojan horses which pretends to be legitimate applications.More
Trojans Viruses   June 04, 2012  


Tinba is a malicious Trojan horse, which steals personal and sensitive information from the compromised computer.More
Trojans Viruses   June 03, 2012  

Win32.Vitro (14)

Win32.Vitro is quite dangerous trojan virus. Just like trojan Vundo and Zlob, Win32.Vitro can be obtained by visiting various noxious websites.More
Trojans Viruses   April 21, 2012  

WinHound (11)

WinHound is a trojan, which silently installs itself to vulnerable computers by exploiting certain system or web browser security flaws.More
Trojans Viruses   March 18, 2012  
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