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CounterSpy is a powerful spyware remover based on revolutionary hybrid engine, which incorporates traditional anti-spyware and advanced antivirus engines. Such combination allows CounterSpy to detect and eliminate not only typical spyware and adware, but also sophisticated and difficult threats that can be described as mixtures of viruses and regular spyware parasites.

The program’s fully functional trial version can be downloaded from the official web site www.sunbelt-software.com. It expires after 15 days. Parasite removal and blocking functions are enabled all this time.

Installation is simple and quick. CounterSpy is launched as any other regular program.

Once the application is running, you can start scanning your system. Initial configuration is optional. Special Getting Started wizard can guide you through the most important settings. However, the default setup is just fine.

CounterSpy offers three different scan modes – Full System, Quick and Custom. The first two modes are very similar – the program checks registry keys, running processes, web browser cookies and the entire file system. The only difference is the thoroughness of scan. The Custom mode is much more flexible. It allows the user to select, which locations to scan. You can scan only processes and registry keys, or check one single folder or drive.

Scan reports are very informative. Detailed descriptions provide all necessary information on objects detected. CounterSpy uses extensive parasite definitions database updated on a regular basis.

Even tough CounterSpy is a powerful tool capable of protecting computer 24/7; it does not require much system resources. It works fast and it does not halt a computer.

The program implements powerful Active Protection, which is comprised of special monitors that watch system startup, important system options, software installation, file execution and Internet Explorer settings. You can turn off any monitor you want without having to disable real-time protection.

The program introduces FirstScan, a new technology designed specifically to scan the system on-boot and remove difficult parasites that cannot be eliminated otherwise. FirstScan runs long before rootkits, protected services and other malware components are initialized. This results in scanning of the entire file system, where specific files and folders are not locked out by sophisticated threats.

Since CounterSpy 2.0 version CounterSpy includes enhanced scan engine which combines spyware detection with VIPRE (Virus Intrusion Protection Remediation Engine) by Sunbelt.


CounterSpy snapshot
CounterSpy snapshotCounterSpy snapshotCounterSpy snapshotCounterSpy snapshot
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