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About Olivia Morelli 

Olivia Morelli is News Editor at 2-Spyware.com. She covers topics such as computer protection, latest malware trends, software vulnerabilities, data breaches, and more. Olivia is particularly interested in ransomware viruses and enjoys writing in-depth articles about them.

She is worried about the relentless growth of cybercrime, and she believes that awareness is the key factor in the fight against cybercrime. Therefore, she seeks to help people by sharing her knowledge about the latest scams, viruses, potentially unwanted programs, and their distribution methods.

Olivia’s content is always based on rigorous research, however, she is known for her ability to provide technical information in an understandable language. Nothing can distract her when she immerses herself in work.

Outside of work, she is busy studying as she pursues a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. When she’s not working or coding, she tries to find time for herself as she believes that solitude is the soul’s holiday. Loves coffee and long haul flights.

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Posts published by Olivia Morelli

“Microsoft Error: Unknown System Failure” pop-up virus removal

“Microsoft Error: Unknown System Failure” is a scam virus which forces people to believe that their personal data is in danger. More
Adware Viruses   June 20, 2019  

Removing Evernote virus

Evernote virus is a set of cyber infections and scams that try impersonate a legitimate application. More
System tools Viruses   June 19, 2019  

Amazonaws removal steps

Amazonaws is Amazon's subsidiary misused for doubtful advertising campaigns and malware distribution. More
Adware Viruses   June 17, 2019  

Remove AdSafeProtected

AdSafeProtected is an adware application which prevents users from viewing content online. More
Adware Viruses   June 15, 2019  

Eliminate Akamaihd

Akamaihd - a legitimate service which has been abused by adware authors to redirect victims to Searchinterneat-a.akamaihd.net and other sites. More
Adware Viruses   June 15, 2019  

Eliminate Yahoo Redirect virus

Yahoo redirect virus is a type of browser hijacker that seeks to control users' browsing habits. More
Browser Hijackers Viruses   June 15, 2019  

Removal of Safe Finder virus

Safe Finder - is a potentially unwanted application which may trick you into downloading useless software. More
Browser Hijackers Viruses   June 15, 2019  

What is Win32:Evo-gen

Win32:Evo-gen - a term used by Avast Antivirus and AVG programs to describe potentially malicious programs. More
Trojans Viruses   June 15, 2019  

Remove SlimCleaner Plus

SlimCleaner Plus - an optimization tool that might not be that useful as it seems. More
System tools Viruses   June 15, 2019  

PyLocky ransomware fix

PyLocky ransomware is a Locky ransomware-copying cryptovirus that can be decrypted. More
Ransomware Viruses   June 14, 2019  

Live Protection Suite fix

Live Protection Suite is a rogue anti-malware that bombards users with fake alerts to make them purchase its full version. More
Rogue Anti-Spyware Viruses   June 12, 2019  

How to remove Pokki Start Menu

Pokki Start Menu — a potentially unwanted application that enters Windows machines via software bundling. More
Adware Viruses   June 11, 2019  
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