Stay safe online - 2021-02-25

What should I know about Shellshock?

Everyone is now talking about Shellshock. What is that and what can you do about it?More
News   October 01, 2014  

Hackers relaunch multi-name rogues to steal people’s money!

Just imagine: you start your computer one day and see a window showing how Win 7 Antivirus 2014 scans your PC system.More
News Viruses and parasites   September 09, 2014  

Good news from Google Chrome! We will be warned about deceptive downloads!

Annoyed by adwares, browser hijackers and similar potentially unwanted programs?More
News Security   August 22, 2014  

Got an email from Bank of America? It might be infected with Cryptowall virus!

If you are interested in viruses, you must have heard about Cryptowall virus.More
News Spam and phishing   August 06, 2014  

Tor warns its users about ‘relay early’ attack and says that they may have been unmasked

Tor has always been loved by those who seek to hide their location, protect information about their browsing habits and fight for their anonymity.More
News   July 31, 2014  

Security experts warn about reappearance of Delta Homes virus!, a search engine that was originally created for collecting revenue from advertising, has recently renewed its activity.More
News Security   July 31, 2014  

Why you should avoid Delta Search and other fake search engines (5)

Most of today’s Internet users are still NOT aware that there are hundreds of search engines that can pose a serious harm for their computers.More
News Security   June 03, 2013  

Meet FBI Online Agent – an improved version of FBI virus

If your PC is blocked by FBI and its agent asks you to pay the fine of $200 for various law violations, you should double check this requirement.More
News Security   December 04, 2012  

Facebook Black is a scam (2)

Scammers have started to spread a new Facebook scam in order to earn some easy money by increasing web traffic to their scam surveys.More
News Spam and phishing   November 20, 2012  

Ignore all spam letters that offer to download Windows 8 license, they are fake!

All Microsoft users have been enjoying the news about the latest OS, Windows 8, which has been finally released.More
News   November 06, 2012  

FBI ransomware scam has reached FBI attention

The virus called FBI Ransomware which is infecting computers all over America demands money from victims to avoid FBI prosecution.More
News Security   August 22, 2012  

20% of Microsoft Logins Stolen by Hackers – Use Different Password For Every Account

It’s not a new thing, that the best security is to use different passwords for every account.More
News Security   July 17, 2012  

Same passwords on multiple websites is still a great problem – NVIDIA and Android Forums hacked

As you must have heard for thousands of times, you should NEVER use the same passwords on multiple websites.More
News Spam and phishing   July 13, 2012  

CoolWebSearch - the most infamous browser hijacker

Browser hijackers - the pest on the computer. The term "potentially unwanted program" is highly controversial still up to this day, as countless legal battles were raised by consumers, security experts, and PUP developers.More
News Viruses and parasites   July 08, 2005  
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