Web browsers and vulnerabilities

Stay safe online - 2020-09-22

Firefox App for Android can get hijacked due to high-risk vulnerability

Flaw residing in the SSDP engine lets hackers exploit browsers on Android phones connected to the same Wi-Fi network. More
News Web browsers and vulnerabilities   September 21, 2020  

Zero-day flaw allows attacking Cisco IOS XR devices

Recently discovered zero-day flaw makes Cisco devices insecure. More
News Web browsers and vulnerabilities   September 02, 2020  

Hackers may exploit a weakness in Google Drive to spread malware

The unpatched security flaw can allow attackers to send malicious documents and images with malware scripts. More
News Web browsers and vulnerabilities   August 24, 2020  

The Most Secure Browser of 2020

Most secure browser has never been as important as it is in 2020 Internet security and privacy were the two things frequently discussed in 2019.More

A zero-day vulnerability in Zoom leaves Windows 7 vulnerable to hackers

Zoom Client for old Windows versions could allow remote code execution . More

5 dating apps in the US and Asia leaked millions of user records

Misconfigured cloud database of several dating apps exposed private conversations and other personal information publicly. More

Is Trump related to the “Ask your parents to vote” Roblox hack?

Thousands of Roblox accounts have been hacked to express support for the US President Trump. More

The best private and secure web browsers of 2020

Choose the right web browser to protect your privacy. Staying anonymous online is not only a trend. More

Ripple20 zero-day vulnerabilities put billions of devices at risk

IoT devices at risk of getting hacked due to 19 newly discovered vulnerabilities . More

Magecart group hacked Claire’s and Icing websites to steal credentials

Web skimmers have been found leaking customers credentials and credit cards on Claire's and Icing websites. More

The flaw in Facebook Messenger App allows running persistent malware

Messenger version for Windows had a vulnerability that could allow attackers to hijack a call and inject malware. More

CAM4 live-streaming adult site exposed 7TB records publicly

Personal information of nearly 26M members and visitors of CAM4 adult site have been exposed publicly due to unprotected ElasticSearch database. More

Sophos Firewall zero-day vulnerability patched

SQL injection bug was actively exploited by hackers in the wild. More
News Web browsers and vulnerabilities   April 27, 2020  

A flaw in SBA servers exposed credentials of 8,000 applicants

SBA takes PPP and EIDL services down temporarily due to a data breach affecting 8,000 applicants. More
News Web browsers and vulnerabilities   April 24, 2020  

Patched Pulse Secure VPN customers still vulnerable for hacks

Stolen passwords can be used to access internet networks of companies that have patched Pulse Secure VPN products. More
News Web browsers and vulnerabilities   April 20, 2020  
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