Stay safe online - 2020-05-27

Windows 8 Anti-virus Challenging Security Vendors

As some of you probably have heard already, Microsoft decided to ship new Windows 8 with built-in anti-virus software.More
Security   October 03, 2011  

Android vulnerabilities put users at risk

Security experts announce two serious security vulnerabilities found in Android platform this month.More
Articles Security   September 30, 2011  

Don’t fall into ‘Update your browser’ scam

A new worm named Worm.Rorpian.E is noticed to be spreading all over the Internet and actively infecting PC users on the network.More
Articles Security   September 26, 2011  

Malicious Internet Explorer Plugin infects PC users

Users of Internet Explorer should pay attention to a new rogue plugin which makes its victims think that they are installing upgrades of Flash Player while in reality they are letting the malicious browser helper object to enter.More
Articles Security   September 23, 2011  

South Korea Suspects Cyber Attack against a Large Bank

A popular bank in South Korea has experienced a large system failure which caused their customers many problems.More
News   April 19, 2011  

New tendency: smartphones and social networks have been attacked by hackers (1)

According to reports released by one of computer security firms, Symantec, new tendency has been noticed: cyber criminals have finally paid their attention to the major mobile platforms and have started working on smartphones.More
News Vulnerabilities   April 12, 2011  

Microsoft Excel files have been used to exploit zero-day vulnerabilities (1)

Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader and Acrobat has been have been affected by a critical zero-day vulnerability.More
News Vulnerabilities   March 15, 2011  

Stuxnet ?€?cyber superweapon?€? attacks China (1)

Stuxnet computer worm has been reported to find a new target to infect.More
Articles Security   October 01, 2010  

UK police arrested 19 people responsible for distribution of Zeus Trojan

London police has arrested 19 people that were involved in a huge cyber crime.More
News Spam and phishing   September 30, 2010  

Attention, Porn virus becomes popular (2)

Computer experts warn: if you start getting continuous pop-up ads that lead you to or, you should become worried about Porn Virus which has definitely infiltrated your computer.More
Articles Security   September 13, 2010  

Attention! Nonexistent video on Facebook! (1)

Keep your attention to a new fake application on Facebook which according to Sophos has tricked more than 190,000 unaware users!More
Articles Security   June 15, 2010  

A New Type of Phishing Attack – Tabnapping

Be aware because a new variant of "phishing" has been revealed!More
News What's new   May 26, 2010  

McAfee False Detection causes significant Window XP performance issues

A new McAfee's update can cause significant performance issues on systems running Windows XP Service Pack 3, according to multiple reports.More
Security   April 22, 2010  

StopBadware is Fighting Against Cyber Criminals as a Non-Profit Organization (2)

StopBadware has started to work as a non-profit organization.More
News   January 26, 2010  

Don’t Make Online Donations to Scammers

Be careful when giving your donation to the victims of the Tuesday's earthquake in Haiti causing an unknown number of deaths and other damage to the country.More
Articles Spam and phishing   January 16, 2010  
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