AOL parasites

Stay safe online - 2018-05-27

Uninstall Moshpunt 2K (1)

What is known about Moshpunt 2K? Moshpunt 2K is an AOL parasite that has been developed by MoSHPuNTeR and released in July 2000.More
AOL parasites Viruses   October 28, 2015  

Uninstall UIN IP

UIN IP AOL Parasite. What is it? UIN IP is an AOL Parasite that can infect your PC's system via Trojan or fake Windows error messages.More
AOL parasites Viruses   October 27, 2015  

Removing ICQ Zap

ICQ Zap is yet another AOL parasite. However, it belongs to a different kind of AOL infections if compared to Omerstroke.More
AOL parasites Viruses   October 27, 2015  

Terminate Omerstroke

About Omerstroke: Omerstroke is an AOL parasite. It is capable of monitoring user's activities in AIM messenger and recording account passwords to predetermined websites.More
AOL parasites Viruses   October 27, 2015  

ICQ Trojan

From the publisher: 'Readme version A.5 Friday, May 29, 1998 ICQ Trogen. More
AOL parasites Trojans Viruses   May 29, 2015  
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