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Stay safe online - 2023-06-05

Uber computer systems hacked: 18-year-old claims to be behind the breach

Uber investigates the security breach of their computer systems. More
News Security   2022-09-16

Webworm hackers modified old RAT malware to evade attribution

New cyber espionage attacks from Webworm hacker group use modified RATs . More
News Viruses and parasites   2022-09-15

New Android malware can steal data, record conversations, spy on people

RatMilad Android spyware targets enterprises with spying capabilities. More
News Viruses and parasites   2022-09-14

Steam accounts get stolen using the Browser-in-the-Browser phishing method

Hackers launch new attacks to steal Steam account credentials. More

Conti virus gang suposedly linked to Russian hackers targeting Ukraine

Google claims that former Conti ransomware operators helped to target Ukraine. More
News Viruses and parasites   2022-09-09

New wave of Moonbot botnet attacks targeting D-Link routers

Botnet linked to notorious Mirai malware comes after the unpatched D-Link routers. More
News Security   2022-09-07

SharkBot malware found on Google Play Store stealing login info again

PC cleaner and antivirus apps from Google Play Store found installing SharkBot Android malware . More
News Viruses and parasites   2022-09-05

JuiceLedger phishing campaign is going after developers who use PyPI

Threat actors release escalated phishing campaign that distributes information stealer malware. More
News Security   2022-09-02

Hackers use images taken by James Webb Space Telescope to hide malware

Golan-based malware campaign leverages NASA's JWST images to lure people and deploy malware. More
News Viruses and parasites   2022-08-31

Twilio breach: exposed user MFA passwords, 93 user accounts accessed

Twilio breach led to access to other details and even two-way or one-time passwords. More
News Security   2022-08-29

Password manager with 25 million users LastPass confirms the breach

LastPass developer system got hacked: no passwords taken. A password management firm got hacked a few weeks ago. More
News Security   2022-08-26

Facebook bug causes feed to fill up with celeb pages and fan comments

Facebook says to fix the bug that caused feeds to fill up with spam and memes for hours. More
General News   2022-08-24

Hackers exploited the zero-day flaw to steal crypto from Bitcoin ATMs

Zero-day flaw exploitation helped attackers to steal customer cryptocurrency funds from Bitcoin ATM . More
News Security   2022-08-22

Apple fixes zero-day vulnerabilities already used in attacks

Apple fixes exploited zero-day bugs with the Safari 15.6.1 release. More
News Security   2022-08-19

Amazon fixes the Ring Android app bug that exposed camera recordings

Amazon silently solves the vulnerability in applications that have possibly led to data exposure. More
News Security   2022-08-18
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