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Stay safe online - 2021-12-01

Windows 10 struggles as yet another Print Spooler bug was revealed

Microsoft discloses new flaw: admins advised to disable Print Spooler service. More

Accenture comes back to business after Lockbit ransomware attack

In the wake of DarkSide and REvil shutdown, IT giant attacked and threatened with data leak. More
News Viruses and parasites   2021-08-12

Details of 1 million credit cards released for free on the Deep Web

Nearly 1 million credit cards were released in an effort to promote carding market. More
News Security   2021-08-11

Facebook accounts hijacked by Android malware “FlyTrap”

New malware campaign targets Facebook users on mobile. Zimperium’s zLabs mobile threat research team released a report about a new Trojan virus called "FlyTrap" operating since March 2021 with over 10,000 victims across 144 countries spreading by social media hijacking and third-party app stores. More
News Viruses and parasites   2021-08-10

LockBit ransomware attacks targeting Australia

Australian government warns organizations about increased LockBit ransomware attacks. More
News Security   2021-08-09

You can now try Microsoft Edge’s “Super Duper Secure Mode”

Improving user security without affecting performance. Microsoft Edge is an internet browser that replaced Internet Explorer, which ran slower and had other issues. More
News Security   2021-08-06

Report: a global 125% increase in cyberattacks

Cyber attacks have tripled since last year. A report published in Accenture's Cyber Investigations, Forensics & Response mid-year update brings a worrying message - cybercrime activity has jumped 125% globally in the first half of 2021. More
News Security   2021-08-05

Potentially unwanted apps will now be automatically blocked by Windows 10

Windows 10 makes blocking potentially unwanted programs a default setting. More
News   2021-08-04

Consent phishing attackers targeting Office 365 users

A clever phishing campaign spotted by Microsoft security researchers. More
News Spam and phishing   2021-08-03

Zoom’s $85 million settlement in user privacy and “Zoombombing” lawsuit

Zoom's exponential growth during the pandemic brings light to never ending data privacy issues. More
News Security   2021-08-02

Biden: cyber-attacks could lead to a full-blown war

The United States of America warns rogue nations who support and sponsor cybercriminals. More
News Security   2021-07-30

Spotted a bug? Report it on the new Google bug bounty platform

Google announced a new site for bug hunters. As Google with great joy celebrated the 10th anniversary of its Vulnerability Rewards Program , the well-known tech company announced a new bug bounty platform for vulnerability hunters. More
News   2021-07-29

New World killing off Nvidia GPUs: how technology failures continue

New World gamers face problems with burning graphics cards. More
General News   2021-07-28

Microsoft stops support for Internet Explorer 11 in August

The plug is finally getting pulled by Microsoft 365. The era has come to an end as Microsoft is kindly reminding customers that Microsoft 365 apps and all services will stop supporting the Internet Explorer 11 web browser on August 17, 2021. More
Anti-spyware software News   2021-07-27

Cracked versions of Windows 11 infect thousands with malware

People rush to try the new Windows 11 - resort to insecure sources, Kaspersky says. More
News Viruses and parasites   2021-07-26
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