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Stay safe online - 2022-01-21

Malicious Mozilla Firefox add-ons blocked: used by at least 455K users

Mozilla discloses that two extensions installed by many users blocked the download of security updates. More

Microsoft warns about Nobelium hacker group supply-chain attacks

Russian hacker group behind SolarWinds hack found still targeting global IT supply chain. More
News Security   2021-10-25

Evil Corp new campaigns: $40 million ransom demands by Macaw ransomware

The known Russian cybercriminal gang linked to recent ransomware attacks. More
News Viruses and parasites   2021-10-22

Hackers-for-hire have been hijacking accounts of YouTube creators

Stealing browser cookies helped attackers to hijack accounts of YouTube stars since at least 2019. More

LightBasin hackers: 13 telecom service providers breached in two years

Researchers uncovered the sophisticated espionage campaign that resulted in 13 compromised organizations already. More
News Security   2021-10-20

US authorities release possible measures against BlackMatter ransomware

CISA, FBI, and NSA urges to take actions against the BlackMatter ransomware after a tip from an undisclosed party. More
News Security   2021-10-19

Second Sinclair cyberattack this year: downtime caused by ransomware

Technical issues with Sinclair stations caused by the company-wide ransomware attack. More
News Security   2021-10-18

MyKings botnet makes millions in crypto by exploiting the easy shortcut

The malware has run mining cryptocurrency for five years and still is in business. More
News Viruses and parasites   2021-10-15

Acer India breach: during the isolated attack 60GB of data got accessed

Acer confirms that after-sales service servers got breached. More
News Security   2021-10-14

OpenSea fixes bugs: attackers could drain wallets using malicious NFTs

Attackers potentially could drain entire cryptocurrency wallets: Check Point teams reports. More
General News   2021-10-13

LibreOffice and OpenOffice updates required due to uncovered flaws

Upgrades get pushed to address the vulnerability that can be weaponized and allow attackers to manipulate documents. More

The nuclear engineer tried to sell critical data to a foreign government

FBI revealed the espionage plans when the engineer sold confidential information to an undercover agent instead of a foreign government. More
General News   2021-10-11

Russian hackers Fancy Bear targeting Gmail users with phishing emails

Google reveals that 14 000 users were targeted in the email campaign by the APT28 hacker group. More
News Spam and phishing   2021-10-08

US government amps up defenses while Russian hackers try to infiltrate

The U.S government initiates changes: contractors could be held accountable for cybersecurity incidents and unreported breaches. More
News Security   2021-10-07

Syniverse reveals a 5-year data breach: at least 235 affected customers

Messaging service supplier for AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile discloses that unauthorized access began in May 2016. More
General News   2021-10-06
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