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Stay safe online - 2021-09-28

REvil asks the biggest ransom to date: 70M for a universal decryptor

Kaseya supply-chain attack puts thousands of businesses at risk: the price for all affected file recovery is set. More
News Security   2021-07-05

Babuk ransomware is back: targeting companies and demanding up to $85k

Criminals continue their activity in encrypting corporate networks after announcing their exit from the ransomware business. More
News Viruses and parasites   2021-07-02

Windows 11 reportedly has many issues even before the official release

Six months before the official release, and Windows 11 version is full of bugs and technical failures upon the preview version release. More
News   2021-07-01

LinkedIn denies data breach: 700 million profiles for sale online

Names and contact information of 92% of users for sale on the Dark Web. More
News Security   2021-06-30

EA exposed to hackers: domain flaws left unfixed can lead to a breach

Cybersecurity teams warned EA, gaming giant chose ignorance and receives a lot of criticism. More
News Security   2021-06-29

SolarWinds attackers hit Microsoft: support system is put in danger

Microsoft Services subscribers exposed to threats as hackers gather billing details. More
News Security   2021-06-28

Cybersecurity magnate, software inventor, John McAfee found dead at 75

Security software inventor and cryptocurrency pioneer killed himself in prison hours after the trial. More
News   2021-06-25

REvil ransomware group targets a major healthcare provider

Grupo Fleury operations disrupted after a ransomware attack. More
News   2021-06-24

Everbe ransom payment tracked to a website promoting sensual massages

EverBe/ Paymen45 ransomware attacked Israeli company: researchers followed the money. More
News Viruses and parasites   2021-06-23

A new pandemic has already started: healthcare systems under attack

Crypto-extortion and encryption-based malware become more prevalent and could cause a threat to life when healthcare providers get targeted. More
News   2021-06-22

Reproductive Biology Associates and MyEggBank hit by ransomware

Fertility clinic discloses data breach after a ransomware attack: personal information accessed. More
News Viruses and parasites   2021-06-21

Major attacks forced Google to propose a new framework for prevention

Google has the solution that should prevent unauthorized modifications to the software. More
News Security   2021-06-18

Ukrainian authorities take down Clop ransomware group

With the help of international partners, Ukraine seizes control of a dangerous ransomware gang's servers. More
News   2021-06-17

ThroughTek security flaw leaves millions of cameras open for spying

Critical software vulnerability could enable threat actors to eavesdrop on people and companies or even obtain critical information. More
News Security   2021-06-16

US nuclear weapon contractor attacked by REvil ransomware

Sol Oriens hit by ransomware back in May: data for sale by the REvil group. More
News Viruses and parasites   2021-06-15
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