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Stay safe online - 2020-02-22

Millions of Fortune 500 companies' login credentials found on Dark Web

Fortune 500 companies' login data for grabs on the Dark Web: 21 million records, some in plain text. More
News Security   2019-10-31

Hardly removable Xhelper malware targets thousands of Android phones

Highly persistent Android malware Xhelper entered the Android scene, and the infection rate keeps growing. More
News Viruses and parasites   2019-10-30

The infamous MageCart hits the American Cancer Society and Sixth June fashion site

Digital payment skimmer group is found targeting and customer credit card data. More
News Viruses and parasites   2019-10-29

Apple removes 17 apps from its official store for committing ad-fraud

The malicious apps were programmed to perform background activities on iPhones in order to collect ad-generated profits. More
News Viruses and parasites   2019-10-28

Android adware spread via 42 Play Store apps by a Vietnamese student

42 Google Play Store apps involved in the Ashas adware campaign were downloaded for over 8 million times. More
News Security   2019-10-26

TikTok might be a threat to national security, US senators say

US senators urge National Intelligence to investigate TikTok over potential national security threats. More
News Security   2019-10-25

Discord is targeted by malware which can turn the app into a data-stealing backdoor

A new strain of malware turns Windows Discord client into the information-stealing Trojan. More
News Viruses and parasites   2019-10-24

FTC banned Retina-X Studios-produced stalkerware apps

Retina-X Studios violates the FTC Act and COPPAR by producing stalkerware apps PhoneSheriff, TeenShield, and MobileSpy. More
News Security   2019-10-23

Iranian hacking tools hijacked by Turla group to perform cyber-espionage

Russian hackers masqueraded as Iranian threat group OilRig by using its tools to perform spying attacks in 35 countries, says NSA and NCSC. More
News Viruses and parasites   2019-10-22

A new STOP decryptor allows most victims to recover files for free

A new set of tools from Emsisoft allows most of STOP ransomware victims to recover their data for free. More
News Security   2019-10-21

Phorpiex botnet used in sextortion email spam campaign

After 10 years, Phorpiex botnet is still active. After being active for around 10 years, Phorpiex botnet has recently been delivering millions of sextortion messages to random users via email spam campaigns. More
News Spam and phishing   2019-10-19

Monero-mining malware found in the European international airport

Security researchers uncovered crypto-malware that affected over 50% of the systems of an unknown European airport. More
News Viruses and parasites   2019-10-18

WAV audio files filled with the malicious Monero miner and backdoors

A malicious code with Monero cryptominers and backdoors is found hidden in WAV audio files. More
News Viruses and parasites   2019-10-17

Apple accused of sending user browsing data to China's tech giant Tencent

"Fraudulent Website Warning" function included in Safari reveals user's IP addresses to Chinese company Tencent. More
News Security   2019-10-16

Postage company Pitney Bowes falls victim to ransomware

Global mailing and shipping company suffers from malware attack that encrypts systems and disrupts its work. More
News Viruses and parasites   2019-10-15
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