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Stay safe online - 2024-04-19

Chrome extensions can access website plaintext passwords

Researchers uncover vulnerabilities in Chrome extensions. A surprising proof-of-concept that was revealed by a team of researchers from the University of Wisconsin - Madison has shocked the digital world. More

Qakbot malware uninstalled from 700k PCs following successful FBI operation

The infrastructure has been seized, and malware removed from infected Windows devices. More
News Security   2023-08-31

Urgent plea for social media giants to combat data-scraping privacy dangers

Growing global concerns over data-scraping. Twelve global privacy watchdogs, including well-known organizations like the U.K.'s ICO, Canada's OPC, and Hong Kong's OPCPD, have released a united statement in an unprecedented step that delivers a loud and clear message to social media giants. More
News Security   2023-08-28

Google Chrome set to alert users about installed malicious extensions 

A safety measure to combat malicious browser extensions. Although the digital world is a haven for ease and creativity, it is not exempt from the hidden risks that go along with it. More

Distribution of Knight ransomware concealed in phony TripAdvisor complaint emails

Deceptive TripAdvisor complaints conceal malicious Knight ransomware. More
News Viruses and parasites   2023-08-14

Cybercriminal group MoustachedBouncer targets foreign diplomats in Belarus

MoustachedBouncer was previously unknown to the public. MoustachedBouncer is a newly revealed cyberespionage group that has been active since 2014, specializing in espionage against foreign embassies in Belarus. More
News   2023-08-10

Fortect releases new extension for browsing protection

Online security with Fortect Browsing Protection. Fortect is a relatively new but fast-growing cybersecurity player. More

SpyNote spyware targets European bank customers with aggressive campaigns

SpyNote's threat landscape and mechanism. SpyNote, an Android banking trojan, also known as SpyMax, has escalated into a cybersecurity nightmare by persistently targeting various European customers across different banks, most aggressively during June and July 2023. More
News Viruses and parasites   2023-08-02

Ivanti zero-day allowed hackers to infiltrate Norwegian government IT systems

A rare Zero-Day vulnerability exploited in Ivanti's EPMM software. More

APT41 launches mobile attacks with advanced spyware WyrmSpy and DragonEgg

APT41 broadens its attack landscape to mobile devices. China's notorious state-backed APT41 hacking group, with a history of targeting various global industries, is evolving its cyberattack methodology to include mobile platforms. More
News Viruses and parasites   2023-07-20

Security researchers concerned over Google Bard's limitations

Google Bard's potential for malicious use. The rapid advancement of generative AI has transformed the field of artificial intelligence, allowing machines to generate content that is nearly identical to human creations. More
News Security   2023-07-17

Chinese hackers Storm-0558 exploit bug in Microsoft cloud to breach US govt email accounts

The cybersecurity breach. A recent cyber-security incident has sent shockwaves across the digital world. More
News Security   2023-07-13

Charming Kitten hackers employ latest NokNok malware to target macOS users

Charming Kitten's new approach and targeting. Security researchers have discovered a new campaign by the infamous Charming Kitten APT group, also known as APT42 or Phosphorus. More
News Viruses and parasites   2023-07-10

Ransomware attack forces Nagoya Port operations to halt for over two days

Ransomware attack at Nagoya Port. In a severe disruption to Japan's trade and commerce sectors, the Port of Nagoya, Japan's largest and busiest port, was targeted in a ransomware attack, halting its operations for over two days. More
News   2023-07-06

Hacked SSH servers and proxyjacking: a lucrative monetization scheme

The rise of proxyjacking attacks. The cybersecurity landscape has recently seen the emergence of a new and concerning threat known as proxyjacking attacks. More
News Security   2023-07-03