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Stay safe online - 2018-11-15

Stealth Microsoft update might be harmful (1)

Secret update from Microsoft provoked anger and debates two weeks ago. More

Five dirty tricks (in a row)

The obvious problem with cyber-crime is that, unlike decent murdering and burglarizing criminals, they are intelligent enough to make a fool of you and your anti-viral software by using insidious methods, which are difficult to recognize. More

New media player exploits (1)

Apple’s Quicktime and Microsoft Windows Media Player could continue to be ways of infection regardless of what the default internet browser a user has. More

McAfee and Symantec fight over the security market

McAfee and Symantec, the two largest computer security vendors, are searching for ways to beat one another in the enterprise market. More
General News What's new   2007-09-26

Storm Worm Increased Spam Level in August

The Storm worm has been around for a while and it has infected a lot of computers since the outbreak on the 15th of August. More

Spam Pretends to be Update from Microsoft

Spammers target those that are concerned with computer security. More

EBay sells spyware (1)

eBay, the most visited commercial site in the UK, apart from legitimate items, such as fluffy bears and the like, has now been reported to be selling hacking kits for anyone who would like to spy on someone’s computer and obtain personal details. More

The iPhone: a new challenge for hackers (1)

Even though Apple’s new product, The iPhone, is yet to be compromised by security risks, there are potential ways hackers can use to do so. More

Spam – a million dollar business

A war is fought between geeks over who can infect users’ computers to produce the biggest number of e-mail addresses. More

New Firefox exploit

Perko Petrov, an independent security researcher, has found a new Firefox exploit. More

Modern Security Threats

Malware creators no longer distribute viruses that erase your data or corrupt something in your computer. More

Spam-mail offers medication

Two researchers at the University of Toronto, Dr.Alejandro Jadad and Peter Gernburd did a research on the authenticity of spam mail, that advertises drugs. More

Storm Worm appears again

They just can’t stop distributing this malware. Storm Worm appeared o January of 2007. More

Bank account numbers make big money online

According to a survey by Symantec, in the trade for personal details collected by cyber-criminals, the most expensive are bank account numbers and are a lot more expensive than credit card details as well as e-mail addresses . More

Anti Malware Fight Has the Expected Effect

More than a year ago we have heard of Google and cooperation in tagging malicious websites and warning users of those. More