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Stay safe online - 2018-09-20

Real examples of image spam

Sunbelt Software, makers of the popular CounterSpy anti-spyware program, published interesting examples of creative image spam. More
News Spam and phishing   2006-11-17

Court shuts down Media Motor (1)

Earlier this month, Zango, the infamous adware company, has agreed to pay $3 million dollars to settle a suit brought by the U.S. More

Another critical vulnerability being exploited

Yesterday, we wrote about new extremely critical vulnerability in Microsoft software utilized by an exploit that installs malware to computers running Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 7. More
News Vulnerabilities   2006-11-09

New critical vulnerability used to install malware

New extremely critical vulnerability has been discovered in Microsoft XML Core Services. More
News Vulnerabilities   2006-11-08

Zango agrees to pay $3 million to settle FTC suit

Zango, formerly 180solutions, the infamous adware company known for its adware and trackware programs like ZangoSearch and 180SearchAssistant, has agreed to pay three million dollars to settle a suit brought by the Federal Trade Commission alleging that company's software was installed to millions of computers around... More

Happy Halloween! And beware of typosquatting!

October 31. It's Halloween today - probably the most exciting holiday in a year for lots of people. More
General News   2006-10-31

Mozilla Firefox 2

Microsoft, last week, released the new version of the most popular web browser in the world. More
General News   2006-10-25

SpamThru. Parasite with built-in antivirus

No, it's not a joke. And this time it's even not corrupt security product. More
News Viruses and parasites   2006-10-21

Apple Video iPods. Now with malware

Apple Computer this week reported that some of its popular Video iPod players sold since September 12 were loaded with a variant of the RJump worm. More

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 (1)

The most anticipated version of the most popular web browser is here. More
General News   2006-10-19

End of support for Windows XP Service Pack 1

Microsoft ends all support for Windows XP Service Pack 1 today. More
General News   2006-10-10

Yet another critical vulnerability in Microsoft software

A few days ago, Microsoft has issued a patch for much talked-about VML flaw in Internet Explorer. More
News Vulnerabilities   2006-10-01

Is it always spyware that slows your computer down?

Thanks to popular clich?┬ęs, most users think that only viruses and spyware can slow their computers down. More
Anti-spyware software News   2006-09-29

Microsoft patches VML vulnerability. Get the fix now!

Today, on September 26, Microsoft has issued a security update to patch a highly critical vulnerability in Internet Explorer. More

Spam, fake greeting cards and VML exploit

There is one subject that most security experts are on now. It is VML exploit used to install loads of spyware, adware and viral parasites to vulnerable computers. More
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