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Stay safe online - 2019-02-22

Numbers of corrupt anti-viruses rise rapidly (1)

PandaLabs had reported recent increase of fake antivirus applications. More

Malware creates fake malicious YouTube websites

Almost every computer user knows how difficult it is to remove malware, but do you know how difficult it is to make a malicious website to infect computers? More

Google Chrome is not bulletproof: vulnerabilities reported by users (1)

Google Chrome attracts users from around the world like a new shiny toy, but security experts recommend waiting till security issues are fixed. More

Adobe Flash employed by scammers

Although there are plenty of ways and tools to block pop-ups, there always seems to be more ways to deliver unwanted advertisements no matter what blocker or filter technologies are used on a computer. More
News What's new   2008-09-09

How does your email ID influence spam you receive?

If you and your friend have email accounts provided by the same ISP or you got those on the same webmail system, you will receive different amounts of spam messages. More

Malware statistics of August 2008 by Kaspersky Security Network (1)

Kaspersky Security Network technology has been active for more than two months now; it gathered interesting information at the time. More

Computers at International Space Station got infected

NASA admitted that several laptops at International Space Station were infected with worm dedicated to steal passwords. More
General News What's new   2008-09-01

Memory vulnerability found on Windows Vista (1)

Every version of Windows operating system is under attack of scammers, malware creators and similar members of the gang because Windows is the most popular OS choice for a computer. More
News Vulnerabilities   2008-08-25

Two reporters banned from Black Hats conference for hacking

What should be expected in hackers' conference? If we put talks about cool tricks and security problems aside, the least you can expect is some action. More
General News What's new   2008-08-13

Microblogging website exploited by Brazilian hackers

Every popular website is a potential target of scammers, hackers, spammers and all the other bandits of World Wide Web. More
General News   2008-08-07

Cyber criminals start working faster

New vulnerabilities are discovered every day; they are nothing to buzz about. More
News Vulnerabilities   2008-07-29

75 percent of online banking websites are insecure

Bank is considered to be safe place; online banking sites are considered to have a strong security as well. More
News Vulnerabilities   2008-07-23

Malware rates keep rising up

We could hope for more secure days of the internet to come, if only security researches forecasted anything positive. More

Switzerland is the most spammed country in a world (1)

MessageLabs have just published results of worldwide email research. More
News Spam and phishing   2008-07-11

What could happen if you?€™d replied to every single spam message?

Have you ever wondered what could happen if you'd replied to every "Buy V1agra" message, clicked on every link offering weight loss pills or video of Cristina Aguilera naked? More
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