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Stay safe online - 2018-12-14

Phishing rates keep growing

In spite of growing popularity of computer security tools, the numbers of phishing attacks keep growing as well. More
News Spam and phishing   2008-03-13

?€?Purchase the full version!?€? ?€“ Is it scam? (1)

How can we distinguish whether a program is anti spyware or a rogue anti spyware? More
Articles Internet Security   2008-03-07

Six botnets responsible for majority of spam

Web security analysts have found that around 85% of all the spam is spread by merely 6 botnets. More

Email security remains a problem (1)

The results of new research revealed the fact that infected email messages are more widespread in countries where internet is still gaining popularity. More

Don’t take reputable websites as granted for safe surfing

The phrase saying that “no one is safe on the internet” might be true. More
Articles Internet Security   2008-02-06

Block malicious websites in advance (Updated) (9)

There are plenty of malicious websites today. Some of them install trojans and other malware once you visit them and others pretend to be legitimate websites that sell security tools. More
Articles Internet Security   2008-01-30

Get ready for some Storm love

Several security research companies have warned PC users about the upcoming Storm, due to take off on 14 February. More

Blocking Spyware Using the HOSTS File

Blocking the unwanted content in your HOSTS file may sound challenging, but the truth is that even an inexperienced user can do it in just a few of seconds. More

New Excel vulnerability found

Excel user's are not entirely safe. A new vulnerability was found in Microsoft's spreadsheet program, Excel. More

The first malware for iPhone is not that dangerous

Possible vulnerabilities of iPhone were widely discussed; however considerable period of time has passed till a malware dedicated for iPhone actually emerged. More

Microsoft’s first two patches in 2008

Microsoft first two patches this year are to ship today. As these are the first of undoubtedly many to come, one of those rated “critical” , is for all versions, including the newest Windows Vista. More
Articles Security   2008-01-08

New trojan takes computer hostage (1)

We already got used to excessive advertising and false reports of rogue-antispyware and trojans, requiring the payment for the full version of the software in order to get rid of so-called threats. More
News Viruses and parasites   2008-01-07

Wireless networks not safe

People tend to rely on wireless networks a lot these days, but there are things concerning the security measures employed in this method of connectivity that people don't know about, thus putting themselves in danger of being spied on. More

Malicious software has doubled over 2007 (1)

F-secure counted 250,000 new malware samples over the year 2007, which is the same amount that was counted over the last 20 years . More ?€“ website to avoid (5)

Online shopping is maybe dangerous if you use insecure money transfer system. More
News Spam and phishing   2007-12-10
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