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AdwareMedic is a unique tool, which was designed to help people uninstall all known adware and other stubborn software. This program is dedicated for Macs running Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) or later. If you have been thinking that this operating system is immune to adwares, browser hijackers, viruses and other types of malicious software, you should stop doing so because nowadays almost every free program is packed with potentially unwanted programs that are capable of infiltrating both, Windows and Mac, OS without a trouble. Once an adware enters the target PC system, it can cause unwanted system modifications that can lead its owner to such annoying activities, as redirects to unknown sites, the appearance of annoying and misleading ads, system slow downs, recording of victim's browsing activity, etc. Fortunately, there is AdwareMedic, which can be used when trying to avoid these issues.

If you can clearly see that some kind of adware-type program has already infiltrated your machine and now you are having problems with its removal, you should think about this remover. Beware that you should rely on manual removal option only if you are an experienced user because adwares can easily use various tricks for preventing their removal from the system! How much does AdwareMedic cost? As the official website claims that this is a 'donationware' what means that it is spread for free but you can choose to pay as much as you wish if you think that you want to help for its development. As we can clearly see, this program has lots of positive reviews from people who have tested it on their machines, so it seems that the installation of this tool should be considered by every person who is using Mac OS X.

AdwareMedic review by 2spyware research center:

As 2spyware test results have revealed, AdwareMedic free is a user-friendly tool. It comes with a simple interface, so you can find its scanner intuitively. Here, we should mention that this program does not install any app on your system, so if you don't like installing unfamiliar programs on your Mac, this tool is for you. How does it work? When opened, it just connects to adwaremedic(dot)com and checks the latest adware “signatures”. After checking them, AdwareMedic scanner shows a clear scan report and offers to clean up the affected Mac OS by removing suspicious programs. As we have noticed, this program is capable of removing adware from the system within a couple of minutes. For that you have to do the only thing – select reported entries. If one of your adwares can't be detected or eliminated, AdwareMedic scanner offers making a detailed report. It will list all browser extensions that are installed on the system and will send them to the developer of this program. According to him, this option should reveal a source of your problem and should also help him to improve his product. Nevertheless, please take into account that it is not going to remove malware from your Mac OS X because this application is dedicated to protect people only against ADWARE.

So, why should I download AdwareMedic?

All in all, AdwareMedic is a very promising tool. It is a handy and easy-to-use program, which is capable of eliminating stubborn adware. If you have been suffering from unwanted ads that show up to you during your searches or if you have been suffering from other issues, you should think about downloading this tool to your Mac.

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