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"Passionate web researcher"

Biography of Gabriel E. Hall

Gabriel E. Hall is a passionate malware researcher who has been working for 2-spyware for almost a decade. After starting as one of contributors, now she works as a Senior Editor of the project.

Every single night she dreams of the safer online world; however, each of her mornings starts with the disappointing industry news reporting about newly-found malware. During her long years spent in IT industry, she has accumulated an extensive background related to computer security.

She prepared hundreds of malware removal guides that helped people prevent different kinds of viruses. Several years ago, she also started writing her personal blog covering such themes as ransomware, phishing attacks, tech support scams and malware distribution strategies.

When she isn’t on the latest viruses, Gabriel spends time connecting with her friends and family. She also loves good music, food and reading interior design magazines.

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Posts published by Gabriel E. Hall

Reco ransomware removal guide

Reco ransomware is the cryptovirus that affects pictures, documents and other files with encryption once it gets on the system. More
Ransomware Viruses   October 14, 2019  

Europe warns: 5G networks can increase state-backed hacker attacks

European Commission and the European Agency for Cybersecurity reports about potentially increased security risks due to 5G technology. More
News Security   October 13, 2019  

Methodist Hospitals data breach may has involved around 70K potential victims

Methodist Hospitals discovered two employee email accounts that have been exposing patient-related data. More
News Security   October 10, 2019  

Kill OnyxLocker ransomware

OnyxLocker ransomware is a file locker that encrypts data with XXTEA cipher, and targets mainly Russian users. More
Ransomware Viruses   October 10, 2019  

Twitter allowed 2FA data for filtering sponsored ad audiences

Twitter 2FA mobile phone numbers and email addresses made reachable for Partner Audiences and Tailor Audiences advertising services. More
News Spam and phishing   October 10, 2019  

Tū Ora Compass Health fails to secure sensitive data of million people

Health organization faces a data breach that exposed personal medical information of roughly 1 million people. More
News Security   October 08, 2019  

FIFA 20 e-sports site leaked data of 1,600 pro players

Electronic Arts managed to shut down the compromised site within 30 minutes, although 1,600 participants' data was already exposed. More
News Security   October 07, 2019  

Microsoft warns: Iranian hackers target 2020 U.S presidential campaign

Microsoft discovers recent Iranian hacking group Phosphorus campaigns that target politicians in the U.S. More
News Security   October 05, 2019  

Uninstall Lost Files ransomware

Lost Files ransomware is a virus that marks files with .Lost_Files_Encrypt marker but changes the data code entirely to corrupt the file. More
Ransomware Viruses   October 05, 2019  

Several Android phone models impacted by a critical zero-day vulnerability

The critical flaw that is exploited in the wild affects phone models from Samsung, Huawei, Pixel, and others. More
News Web browsers and vulnerabilities   October 04, 2019  

Qqoo.club removal instructions

Qqoo.club is the fake search engine that provides nothing but intrusive advertisements and altered search results. More
Browser Hijackers Viruses   October 04, 2019  

Uninstalling Nodersok malware

Nodersok is the fileless malware that turns systems into proxies to perform click-fraud. More
Trojans Viruses   October 03, 2019  
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