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Bullguard Internet Security is a decent anti-virus application, which was released by a UK-based computer security and software company BullGuard. The latest its version offers Behavioral and Signature-based detections that promise to protect computers against a wide range of malware, such as spyware, ransomware and various hijackers. Bullguard free and also comes with a Parental Control mode, Advanced Backup, Firewall, Spam Filter, Vulnerability Scanner and the PC Tune Up. Bullguard scanner is designed to find outdated software and avoid dangerous attacks, while the PC tune Up offers to optimize disk space, registry and computer start-up. Bullguard bonus is that it's Internet Security version is now compatible with Windows 8.

Bullguard review by 2spyware research center:

2spyware team has carefully tested Bullguard Internet Security on several, differently infected computers. We must admit that we had some issues when installing this program on the system, so it took several hours for us to finish this process. But once it was finally installed on the system, the program looked like an easy-to-use tool: Bullguard scan had an intuitive user interface and the main window seemed really simple. It is filled only with the three big buttons that offer checking security status, launching scans, and launching backups. However, user can easily find a dashboard for other features, such as parental control and spam filter if he/she decides that they are needed.

According to our test results, the strongest component of Bullguard Internet Security is malware blocking – the program detected about 90 percent of samples. It also worked quite well at virus detection and caught about 70 percent of viruses. It shows that you can fix PC with Bullguard without a problem. However, the software had troubles when catching virus samples that use rootkit technology, just like its firewall that failed in most of the tests. Besides, Bullguard scanner may slow down the system.

So, why should I download Bullguard?

To sum up, Bullguard is a decent anti-malware, which has really improved over these years. The strongest is its ability to block malware and viruses. However, it still needs work to move beyond the basics and become more powerful at catching rootkits and more sophisticated cyber threats.  

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