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Linas Kiguolis is one of News Editors and also the Social Media Manager of 2spyware project. He is an Applied Computer Science professional whose expertise in cyber security is a valuable addition to the team.

While studying for his degree, he was eager to join his brother Ugnius Kiguolis, the founder and mastermind of 2-spyware, on his quest of developing the project. Today, he is already one of the leading members of the team members. He also works hand-in-hand with other professional malware researchers, aiming to create a user-friendly space for people to learn about malware and dangers it poses. Linas also contributes to the research of the best malware removal strategies and is always willing to help everyone in need of a qualified security advice.

In addition to the mentioned occupations, Linas is also interested in robotics and enjoys teaching the young generation how to breathe life into a bunch of microchips and wires. Looking from a more down-to-earth perspective, Linas is a real social media guru who interacts with users on a daily basis and uses his social platforms to inform people on the most relevant technology and InfoSec related news.

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Posts published by Linas Kiguolis

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Hevethat.online removal steps

Hevethat.online is the redirecting site that focuses on commercial material delivery. More
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Uninstalling Newsdom.cc

Newsdom.cc is a suspicious website you should avoid. Newsdom.cc is a website you might see on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, MS Edge, or another browser after being redirected from somewhere else. More
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What is Spyware Protect 2009

Spyware Protect 2009 is a scareware program that you should stay away from. More
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Get rid of PClock virus

PClock is the threat considered to be a ransomware-type. PClock virus is one of the most aggressive cyber threats that are spread around the world quickly. More
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Removal of Turbo Your Pc

Turbo Your PC review: useless app that cannot improve computer's performance. More
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