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Doctor Alex is a simple, but yet quite effective anti-spyware program. Its most recent version, which now is absolutely free, successfully passed most our tests and produced sufficiently good results. However, previous release of Doctor Alex was classified as a corrupt spyware remover because of numerous false positives and use of fake privacy seal of reputable TRUSTe company. Although the program was improved and related issues were satisfactorly resolved, it still suffers from few negligible false positives, so to date we cannot recommend it for everyday use.

The program thoroughly checks the Windows registry, running processes, essential system components, the web browser's cookies and the entire file system. Full Disk Scan takes a little more than 10 minutes and allows to detect most of installed parasites. The application uses an extensive spyware definitions database updated on a regular basis. Scan reports are accurate and informative enough. Doctor Alex doesn't offer any additional features. It even doesn't implement a real-time monitoring. Nevertheless, it performs well as an on-demand scanner.

As it was said above, Doctor Alex is still prone to false positives. During our tests the spyware remover found the stdio.dll library file related to the IRC.Cloner.v backdoor. Further analysis revealed that this file actually is a harmless part of mIRC, legitimate chat client. See a screenshot provided below.

The program's interface is clean, simple and highly user-friendly.

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