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Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta1 is an advanced spyware remover published by leading software company. Although this product still is in development, it already provides effective protection from most spyware and malware threats.

The application performs intelligent quick scans and flexible full system scans that can be configured to check memory, thoroughly examine all files and folders on all disks and removable media or scan certain user-defined locations. Scan reports are surprisingly informative. Detailed descriptions cover all information and tips related to detected objects. Used spyware definitions database contain over 100,000 signatures associated with spyware, adware, worms, trojans and many other malicious programs. It is updated on a regular basis.

Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta1 has several useful tools. System Explorers provide details on downloaded ActiveX scripts, running processes, startup programs, various web browser settings, operating system networking options and other system components. Browser Restore reverts safe default settings of Internet Explorer and helps to prevent browser hijacks. Track Eraser deletes activity tracks stored in certain applications and helps to save user’s privacy.

The program offers powerful real-time protection, which consists of Internet Agents, System Agents and Application Agents. Internet Agents monitor networking-related system components and prevent malware from performing harmful actions. System Agents are designed to protect essential system settings and components from unauthorized changes. Application Agents monitor active processes and terminate malicious ones, prevent installation of unsafe software.

Program’s interface is attractive and user-friendly. It isn’t very simple, but definitely is one of the best.

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Learn how to effectively use Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta1. Review Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta1 tutorial.

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