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Julie Splinters is the News Editor of 2-spyware. Her bachelor was English Philology. However, her old interest in Japan and, particularly East Japan, motivated her to enter East Asia studies.

While gaining knowledge about economic, political and social development of this region, she got acquainted with the issue of cyber operations capabilities. Particularly, North Korea‘s cyber capabilities became a highly intriguing topic for her leading her to this position in 2-spyware.

Besides the work, she is also employed as a freelance English-Russian translator. Elaborating on her hobbies, Julie spends her free time in ballroom dance classes. Her other free time interests include martial arts and watching anime. The motto which inspires her – “Never give up.” She also admires Morgan Freeman and Phoolan Devi.

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Posts published by Julie Splinters

Kvag ransomware fix

Kvag ransomware is the cryptovirus that makes files useless by encoding them and marking with .kvag extension. More
Ransomware Viruses   September 16, 2019  

LastPass security flaw patched: allowed hackers stealing credentials

The already-patched LastPass cache bug would allow the attackers to leak credentials used on a previous site. More
News Security   September 16, 2019  

Garmin SA customers beware: your credit card details might be stolen

Garmin South Africa reported a security breach that resulted in its customers' credit cards compromise. More
News Security   September 13, 2019  

Google confirms the security issue affecting Gmail and Calendar users

Google investigating security problems that can affect 1.5 billion Gmail and Calendar users. More
News Security   September 10, 2019  

Removal of Xg4ken.com

Xg4ken.com is the website that stops users from getting to wanted pages with continuous redirects and commercial material delivery. More
Adware Viruses   September 10, 2019  

Delete Verifycaptcha.com

Verifycaptcha.com is the shady site that resembles human verification site to trick people into visiting ad-supported content. More
Adware Viruses   September 05, 2019  

Click-on-this-now.online removal guide

Click-on-this-now.online is an adware which infuses numerous intrusive ads on the affected browser. More
Adware Viruses   September 04, 2019  

Remove Webcrawler.com

Webcrawler.com is the browser hijacker that distributes various add-ons and PUPs via software bundles and freeware installations. More
Browser Hijackers Viruses   September 04, 2019  

Uk-ads.openx.net removal

Uk-ads.openx.net - an adware virus that offers to open a bogus JScript file named jstag.js. More
Adware Viruses   September 03, 2019  

400 US Dental offices suffer from Sodinokibi ransomware attack

The attackers managed to breach DDS Safe backup platform used by multitude Dental practices all across the US. More
News Viruses and parasites   August 30, 2019  

Delete ChaosCC Hacker Group email

ChaosCC Hacker Group email is the scam campaign involving email notifications and ransom demands that go up to $700 ChaosCC Hacker Group email is the virus that can lead to serious malware infiltrations and even identity theft or privacy issues if you reveal more personal details to those hackers. More
SPAM tools Viruses   August 30, 2019  

Terminate iforgot.apple.com

iforgot.apple.com is a fake domain name that might make you give away your AppleID credentials to cybercriminals. More
SPAM tools Viruses   August 26, 2019  
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