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"Malware removal specialist"

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Julie Splinters is the News Editor of 2-spyware. Her bachelor was English Philology. However, her old interest in Japan and, particularly East Japan, motivated her to enter East Asia studies.

While gaining knowledge about economic, political and social development of this region, she got acquainted with the issue of cyber operations capabilities. Particularly, North Korea‘s cyber capabilities became a highly intriguing topic for her leading her to this position in 2-spyware.

Besides the work, she is also employed as a freelance English-Russian translator. Elaborating on her hobbies, Julie spends her free time in ballroom dance classes. Her other free time interests include martial arts and watching anime. The motto which inspires her – “Never give up.” She also admires Morgan Freeman and Phoolan Devi.

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Posts published by Julie Splinters

What is Win32/Bundpil

Win32/Bundpil - a type of Windows computer infection that mainly spreads via removable drives. More
Trojans Viruses Worms   October 29, 2020  

Well-known Maze ransomware gang is shutting down its operations

Although the Maze ransomware group is prevalent, it started to shut down six weeks ago. More
News Viruses and parasites   October 29, 2020  

How to remove Search.searchworm.com

Search.searchworm.com - a fake search engine that is injected by New Tab Theme Buddy or another potentially unwanted program. More
Browser Hijackers Viruses   October 29, 2020  

Remove SettingsModifier:Win32/HostsFileHijack

SettingsModifier:Win32/HostsFileHijack - a computer infection designed to change Windows "hosts" file for malicious purposes. More
Malware Viruses   October 28, 2020  

Remove Abaddon RAT

Abaddon RAT is the malware that uses the Discord app as a command & control server. More

Getting rid of ZaLtOn ransomware

ZaLtOn - another member of the Xorist ransomware family. ZaLtOn virus is new ransomware belonging to the Xorist ransomware family. More
Ransomware Viruses   October 27, 2020  

Calendar virus removal guide

Calendar virus is a mobile scam campaign that creates calendar events on Apple iOS devices, so clicking on them can create issues. More
Mac Viruses Viruses   October 27, 2020  

Kill Leakthemall ransomware

Leakthemall ransomware in a newly discovered virus that will change your file names to .crypt, .montana or .beijing. More
Ransomware Viruses   October 27, 2020  

Memu-Installer.exe file characteristics

Memu-Installer.exe is an Android emulator designed for a Windows PC, although might also indicate malware. More
Application files Files   October 26, 2020  

PUA:Win32/Puwaders.B!ml fix

PUA:Win32/Puwaders.B!ml - a detection name for adware app that is hard to get rid of. More
Adware Viruses   October 23, 2020  

Scammers are trying new tactics to fight 2-spyware.com

Cybercriminals are getting even more innovative when they fight against 2-spyware and spread fake information. More
General News   October 22, 2020  

JS.Nemucod removal instructions

JS.Nemucod - a trojan that can install Crowti, Tescrypt, Locky, Fareit, and Ursnif viruses. More
Trojans Viruses   October 21, 2020  
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