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Registry Mechanic is a registry cleaner software by PC Tools, which is a powerful but simple program to clean up your PC. It makes your PC run faster, smoother, moreover it makes it private and healthy from spyware. The optimization and privacy tools can fix Windows errors, wipe computer usage and shred deleted items. But the strong part of Registry Mechanic is its simplicity with intuitive design.

Main features:

Performance: Registry Mechanic is built on award-winning technology, and it simply cleans up your PC, by fixing errors and cleaning up inconsistencies. Additionally it boosts your performance with built-in performance presets to get most out of Windows.

Privacy: Registry Mechanic helps you to ensure that your PC browsing history stays personal. 

  • Internet privacy tools erase browsing, search history, cookies, passwords, and chat logs to keep your internet browsing activities away from prying eyes. 
  • Temporary and recent file history erasers make clear your temporary file folders, as well as your recently opened files lists, keeping your PC use and file access history private.
  • File shredder and disk bleacher ensure that what you delete stays that way, remaining unrecoverable.

Experience: Registry Mechanic is offering a fresh, new experience, combining the trusted, powerful tools you need with the simplicity you want.

  • The intuitive user interface looks refreshing with a bold new look.
  • 1-click optimization buttons automatically run performance-enhancing tools for you.
  • New dashboard and user workflows guide you through what tools to use to tune up your PC.
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