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SUPERAntiSpyware is a powerful, highly effective spyware remover introducing advanced parasite detection and removal features along with reliable real-time protection. The program is not very popular, but our tests show that SUPERAntiSpyware is definitely one of the best products available today.

During our tests, SUPERAntiSpyware managed to correctly identify and eliminate all the parasites that we installed on our test systems. The spyware remover found all the files, processes and registry keys of different threats including not just well-known spyware and adware risks, but also widely spread pests and new, emerging parasites.

The application thoroughly checks the Windows registry, running processes, web browser cookies and the entire file system. It can also scan removable media, System Restore folder and essential system components. The program uses extensive spyware definitions database updated on a regular basis.

SUPERAntiSpyware offers three scan modes: Quick Scan, Complete Scan and Custom Scan. The first one is the fastest, but yet highly effective. It enables the program to search for known malware and scan the most common places for parasites to be installed. Although this mode is called “quick”, it still requires a lot of time to complete – on our test machines Quick Scan takes up to 15-18 minutes. Complete Scan requires a little bit more time (usually, up to 20 minutes). However, it allows the program to scan every file in the file system, not only known parasite objects and their common locations. Custom Scan allows the user to manually select which system components to check. The user can choose separate folders, disable scans of memory, registry or startup locations. Custom Scan is the most flexible, but still very effective. SUPERAntiSpyware is able to scan removable drives.

Scan reports are informative. The user is presented with parasite name, type, exact location of its objects and its short description (online).

The program implements reliable real-time protection, which terminates running malicious processes and stops different kinds of parasites from being installed. SUPERAntiSpyware also provides hijack protection, which protects essential web browser settings and prevents malware from hijacking the web browser.

The application comes with useful additional utilities called System and Browser Repairs. These tiny tools allow to repair specific system and web browser components or functions that have been disabled by parasites. For instance, the user can enable the Task Manager, repair broken network connection, reset desktop wallpaper, restore hijacked home page and other browser settings, etc.

The program's interface is modular and user-friendly enough. However, it is not convenient or very easy to use. The vendor should redesign the look of the program in order to make it more attractive and intuitive.

The fully functional trial version expires after 30 days. There is also a free version, which lacks some useful functions of the Professional edition. For instance, the free edition does not provide real-time and hijack protection. SUPERAntiSpyware Professional also includes Schedule feature. It allows setting any type of scan to examine a computer regularly. SUPERAntiSpyware Professional downloads the latest updates autmatically, while users of free version have to update software manually.

SUPERAntiSpyware 4.0 offers better scanning and detection techniques. It doesn’t take much of system resources; the new version 4.0 is even 50% faster than its forerunner. SUPERAntiSpyware is compatible with the most majority of competitive security tools.

The official web site is Purchases are made using secure connection.

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