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TrafficLight is a browser toolbar add-on from Bitdefender. It adds a strong and nonintrusive layer of security when you browse the internet. It is made to protect your browsing experience from where it should be protected: in the browser.

This extension is made to add security without having speed penalties or high system resource consumption. Most of the processing is done through in the cloud, where intelligent and smart engines check the pages you visit, adding a top notch antiphishing and antimalware protection.

The web security is breached mostly when the wrong pages are visited, and bad links are pressed by the user. TrafficLight lets you know if this page is malicious and lets you feel safe while surfing the web. The main features of TrafficLight are:

  • Real time scanning of web pages, which avoids malware from legitimate but recently compromised websites. It scans the entire website every time you access it.
  • Precise blocking – it will only block a part of the website which is considered malicious. All the other information will be free for you to check out, if you choose to.
  • The toolbar can be hided and called with a simple mouse gesture, which allows your to have a clean browser interface.
  • Social networking protection – TrafficLight will protect your Facebook experience for a safe and positive social experience.
  • TrafficLight reveals all trackers and code snippets which analyze your browsing behavior. They are quickly identified and listed.

I would recommend using TrafficLight if you’re tired of malware attacks on your computer. This is the first firewall layer, that blocks most of the bad software you can find on the internet.

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