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XoftSpySE Anti Spyware review

XoftSpy AntiVirus Pro (former XoftSpySE Anti-spyware) is a trusted anti-virus and anti-malware program made by ParetoLogic, Inc. It is a simple but effective tool, which offers a typical set of functions helping people remove spyware, viruses, adware, keyloggers, trojans and similar cyber infections. In order to check this program and its abilities, you can download XoftSpy AntiVirus Pro free version. Just like its licensed version, it offers a deep scan option, which gives people more chances to find specific viruses that may be secretly working in system's background. However, you should know that once XoftSpy AntiVirus Pro scanner finishes its work, it doesn't give its users ability to remove detected malware. Besides, this version does not give a real-time protection. XoftSpy AntiVirus Pro replaced XoftSpySE Anti-spyware in the middle of 2013. Its new features are firewall, web protection and email protection.

XoftSpy AntiVirus Pro review by 2spyware research center:

After reading different reviews on the Internet, we decided to download XoftSpy AntiVirus Pro and test it on our computers. As soon as we installed the program on them, we noticed that it was noticeably improved in comparison with XoftSpySE Anti-spyware: it has a well-organized visual user interface, offers frequent updates and provides detailed information after it finishes checking the system. After launching the program, it offers two options: a quick scan or a full system search for malware. If the moment for scanning the system is not right to you, you can simply schedule XoftSpy AntiVirus Pro scan for the future. It seems that XoftSpySE Anti-spyware bonus is its innovative Browser Helper Object Editor, which is dedicated for detecting and eliminating toolbars and other add-ons that have been actively spreading around recently.

So, why should I download XoftSpy AntiVirus Pro?

XoftSpy AntiVirus Pro is an easy-to-use tool, which can help people scan the Windows registry, running processes, files and folders on your computer. XoftSpy AntiVirus Pro uses a large spyware definitions database, so its scan may have more pros than others' anti-malwares. However, its ability to prevent infiltration of viruses or fully remove them from the system may fail in some of the cases. That's why we recommend using XoftSpySE Anti-spyware in conjunction with other anti-viruses.

Positive sides:

deep file scan
complete system scan
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XoftSpySE Anti Spyware spyware remover was carefully tested by 2-spyware.com research center. The review is the result of our test. If you know additional information about XoftSpySE Anti Spyware please send us the note.

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Information updated: 2014-03-24 10:13

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Comments on XoftSpySE Anti Spyware

i dont think this is going to work
That is well known that money can make us free. But what to do when someone does not have cash? The only one way is to try to get the loan or secured loan.
XoftSpy used to be malware itself.
I remember being a n00b about seven or eight years ago, clicked on a "free scan" from XoftSpy, and from then on every search lead to XoftSpy.

While Ill concede that is no longer malware, it is still junk.
I tried to use the free sample 5 times. It ran the course and every time I tried to finish it asked me for a set of registration numbers. When I clicked oh help, nothing happened. No thanks on this product.
yes this is junk --- you can find free software that does the same thing--- i wasted 2995 on this junk i am protesting on paypal now DONT waste your money
I was infected with numerous spyware and viruses. Notabley "about:blank" hijacked my homepage and was an insidious. I was not able to remove this problem with this product on 6.10.06 - ended up downloading FREE Microsoft software Windows Defender Beta 2 and Maliciaous Virus Rremoval tool. Also am using a trial version of Windows Live OneCare. The only thing to remove this virus was a third party Microsoft free tool: "smitren" downloaded from noahdfear.geekstogo.com - Excellent tool and my computer is now running like a stealth. This had to be done in SAFE MODE NETWORKING.
I got xsoft spy, the non se version, it did not pick up lop adware! or P2P networking adware!
Why did XoftSpy score so low if its so advanced?
Good product. Heres a full review at this link: http://detect-soyware.atspace.com/XoftSpy.html
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