Hello. I have a Videocon phone which is running in android 5.1. There is this app called ‘Ameo mefei’ which trying to be installed on my phone, but I don’t have unknown installation active so its asking me for permission. I will cancel and go to file manager to see two new folders called ‘cache’ and ‘downloads’ and inside downloads there is the program. I delete both the files but it keeps downloading. Google play store also warns me about this. It warns me about two programs. One is called ‘Ameo mefei’ and another one is called ‘Attach widget’. I did and reset in my phone but it came again. I use my home Wi-Fi btw. There’s no suspicious actions except its trying to download itself on my phone. I even tried using malwarebytes to remove it but it only detects the virus that’s trying to get installed (there’s no order of it downloading and trying to install and its been happening for about 3 months). I googled searched ‘Ameo virus’ and ‘Attach widget virus’ on google but there no results for it. Please tell me if this a virus that could harm my phone and steps involved in removing it. Thank you.