Stay safe online - 2021-09-20

Ransomware attack forced UF Health Florida to shut down the network

Parts of the IT network get shut down after the cyber attack, so hospitals forced to get back to pen and paper. More
News Viruses and parasites   June 04, 2021  

Ethereum now can be mined through Norton 360

Norton Crypto: a new feature that enables users to mine cryptocurrency easier. More
News   June 03, 2021  

Warning: new spamming techniques are on the rise

Unsubscribe spam emails and Walmart phishing campaigns target personal data. More
News Spam and phishing   May 31, 2021  

Fujitsu shuts down ProjectWEB after a massive hack

The hack was aimed at Japanese government agencies. In the wake of a massive cyberattack, Japanese tech-giant Fujitsu has temporarily closed its cloud-based enterprise collaboration and file-sharing platform ProjectWEB.More
News   May 28, 2021  

New Bluetooth bugs can be used to masquerade as a legitimate device

Vulnerability exploit can lead to MITM attacks on devices supporting the Bluetooth Core and Mesh specifications. More
News Security   May 27, 2021  

India’s companies targeted: Air India and Dominos recently breached

The latest hack could cause privacy concerns for over 4,5 million people. More
News   May 26, 2021  

Microsoft warns: the new STRRAT malware spreading via compromised email

Microsoft Security Intelligence discovered malware that poses as ransomware. More
News Viruses and parasites   May 25, 2021  

The danger behind all the advanced technology and security solutions

Computer users got spoiled over the years: only a handful of people nowadays have high computer-related abilities and can perform complex tasks. More
News Security   May 24, 2021  

Conti attack on HSE: Irish High Court prohibits sharing stolen data

The released injunction should repeal hackers from using HSE data but leaks still possible. More
News   May 21, 2021  

Install Russian keyboard to prevent ransomware attacks and hacks

Russian language settings and other tricks can help protect against hackers and malware distributors. More
News Security   May 20, 2021  

The new Firefox improvement can help fight against malicious attacks

Mozilla is adding a new site-isolation feature that can put each site into separate processes, improve speed and security. More
News Security   May 19, 2021  

Spear-phishing campaign using fake Truist banking app delivers malware

FBI warns about attacks distributing RATs posing as financial institutions. More
News Spam and phishing   May 18, 2021  

“Scheme flooding” allows tracking anonymous user browsing sessions

The flaw can leave users vulnerable to tracking and baffles common privacy protections like an incognito mode and the use of a VPN. More

A new fileless malware campaign exploits a malicious MSBuild tool

Cybercriminals use Microsoft Build Engine to deliver info-stealing RATs that can evade detection. More
News Viruses and parasites   May 14, 2021  

Following major cybersecurity disasters, the US strengthens defenses

President Biden signs a new executive order to modernize the country's protection against malware attacks and hacks . More
News   May 13, 2021