Stay safe online - 2020-01-28

Adobe disclosed Magento data leak that affected user information

Adobe discovered the data leak at the end of November. According to Adobe, Magento Marketplace suffered from a major data breach that affected user account information.More
News Security   November 28, 2019  

Dexphot malware turned 80,000 computers into Monero miners

Microsoft warns about a complex threat that prevents detection and receives needed updates as frequently as needed. More
News Viruses and parasites   November 27, 2019  

Video chatting popularity increases the risk of identity theft and scams

The rise of video chatting in the last decade brings more risks to consumers. More
News Security   November 26, 2019  

Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus affected by data breach

The attackers managed to reach personal customer data due to website vulnerability. More
News Security   November 25, 2019  

Ransomware hits French hospital: 6000 computers end up on lockdown

Clop ransomware attack on a hospital in the north of France reminds about WannaCry in 2017. More
News Viruses and parasites   November 23, 2019  

Black Friday 2019: government reminds shoppers to stay aware of scams

Black Friday and Cyber Monday security risks should bring more attention to holiday season cybercrime awareness . More
News Security   November 22, 2019  

Louisiana state government experiences a major ransomware attack

Louisiana state government experiences a ransomware attack that affects its servers. More
News Viruses and parasites   November 21, 2019  

Android smartphones in danger - new flaw helps bogus apps secretly access camera

CVE-2019-2234, new camera app vulnerability, allows remote attackers to record videos on Android smartphones. More
News Security   November 20, 2019  

Payment data of Macy's customers leaked due to a hacked website

Another MageCart card-skimming attack detected - hackers breached Macy's website. More
News Web browsers and vulnerabilities   November 19, 2019  

Disney+ user accounts sold on the Dark Web hours after launch

The highly-anticipated Disney+ streaming service already suffered from hacks - just hours after the launch, thousands of user accounts were already on sale on the Dark Web. More
News Security   November 18, 2019  

Hacking gang targets the US, Italy and Germany with malware-laden emails

The newly-formed hacking group TA2101 impersonates governmental entities in a targeted malspam campaign that delivers Maze ransomware, among other malware. More
News Spam and phishing   November 15, 2019  

InfoTrax hack discovered years later when servers ran out of space

The company got breached more than 20 times in two years: maxed out disk space indicated the hack. More
News Security   November 14, 2019  

Bitcoin scam on YouTube: users tricked into installing Predator Trojan

The promoted tool can allegedly generate Bitcoin keys to steal funds but installs info-stealing Trojan instead. More
News Spam and phishing   November 13, 2019  

Pemex claims to neutralize attempted Ryuk ransomware attack

Ryuk ransomware hit computer servers and stopped administrative work at Mexican state oil company Pemex. More
News Viruses and parasites   November 12, 2019  

Platinum criminal group releases a sophisticated Titanium backdoor

Cybercriminal gang Platinum developed a new backdoor dubbed Titanium for campaigns in South and Southeast Asia. More
News Viruses and parasites   November 11, 2019  
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