Stay safe online - 2019-01-17

Canada's Midland is hit by ransomware and officials will pay ransom

Credit and debit card payments failed due to a ransomware attack in Midland. More
News Security   September 17, 2018  

Safari and Edge browsers infected by a spoofing bug

Hackers used a bug to insert malicious content into Edge's and Safari's address bar. More
News Security   September 15, 2018  

Windows and Linux Kodi add-ons contain Monero mining malware

Popular Kodi media player add-ons have been infected with cryptocurrency mining malware . More
News Viruses and parasites   September 14, 2018  

Tesla Model S Hack: crooks could steal cars in two seconds

Belgian researchers found a way to clone the Tesla Model S car's key fob. More
News Security   September 13, 2018  

Veeam leaves 200 GB customer data open in misconfigured server

Veeam Swiss data management company inadvertently leaks over 440 million email addresses. More
News Security   September 12, 2018  

Trend Micro security apps caught sharing data stolen from Mac OS users

Trend Micro security apps kicked off of the Apple's App Store because of the data tracking issue. More
News Security   September 11, 2018  

Fallout Exploit Kit leads to PUPs or infiltrates GandCrab ransomware

Malicious Fallout Exploit Kit aims to utilize Adobe and VBScript vulnerabilities. More
News Viruses and parasites   September 10, 2018  

Ursnif banking trojan returns with innovative phishing campaign

An infamous banking trojan returns with the highly localized social engineering attack. More
News Viruses and parasites   September 08, 2018  

British Airways data breach includes credit-card numbers

British Airways data breach included 380,000 credit-card numbers . More
News Security   September 07, 2018  

Users' credentials leaked due to Mega Chrome extension hack extension was found to be affected by malware. On the 4th of September this year, there was a report about a hack which had the purpose to compromise a specific Google Chrome extension.More
News Security   September 06, 2018  

Developer of the spying app mSpy leaks millions of records. Again

The database of the app used for spying is found unprotected. More
News Security   September 05, 2018  

Numerous mobile users tricked to provide personal data

A phishing site promoting free flights tricked numerous users into revealing personal details. More
News Spam and phishing   September 04, 2018  

Mozilla Firefox will block tracking cookies to protect users' privacy

Mozilla is about to block tracking cookies in Firefox by default. More
News Web browsers and vulnerabilities   September 03, 2018  

The Fappening hacker gets 8 months in jail for leaking celebrity nudes

The 26-year old hacker is sentenced to 8 months in prison for stealing intimate photos of Jennifer Lawrence and others. More
News Security   September 01, 2018  

Huazhu Group hotel breach involves millions of customers

Millions of Huazhu Hotel Group customers involved in a serious data breach. More
News Security   August 31, 2018  
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