Stay safe online - 2024-06-18

New variant of PlugX malware hides on USB devices to infect Windows systems

PlugX malware used by cybercriminals to infect new Windows hosts. More
News Security   January 30, 2023  

Riot Games cyberattack: League of Legends source code being sold online

Social engineering attack against Riot resulted in leakage of its assets. More
News   January 25, 2023  

Microsoft OneNote attachments are used to spread malware

Cybercriminals send malspam containing OneNote attachments. More
News Security   January 23, 2023  

Nissan's third-party service provider exposes customers' personal data

A third-party vendor accidentally allowed unauthorized access to Nissan's customer data. More
News Security   January 19, 2023  

Brave browser adds a new Snowflake feature to help bypass Tor blocks

Brave browser version 1.47 was released with the Snowflake extension. More
News Security   January 16, 2023  

Cyber incident at Royal Mail: company asks to delay parcels abroad

Security incident caused service disturbance. International deliveries at Royal Mail are temporarily halted after what was described by the company as a "Cyber incident." In the official press release post, it claims that people should postpone letters or parcels to overseas destinations due to the severe disturbance... More
News Security   January 12, 2023  

More than 200 million emails stolen from Twitter and leaked on a hacker forum

Over 200 million Twitter user emails stolen. Cybercrime intelligence firm Hudson Rock confirmed on Wednesday that hackers had posted the credentials of more than 200 million Twitter accounts, including email addresses, phone numbers, and account names, onto an online hacking forum.More
News Security   January 09, 2023  

Meta appealing the $400 million penalty for breaching EU privacy laws

Yet another huge fine for Meta for breaking users' privacy for the sake of profits. More
News   January 05, 2023  

LockBit ransomware group releases decryptor after attacking SickKids hospital

SickKids children's hospital suffers a ransomware attack. More
News Security   January 02, 2023  

Louisiana hospital struck by a ransomware attack

Nearly 270,000 patients of the Lake Charles Memorial Health System were affected by the attack. More
News Security   December 29, 2022  

Okta hack: GitHub repositories breached, source code stolen

Breach discovered after suspicious access to Okta’s code repositories. More
News Security   December 22, 2022  

Google will add end-to-end encryption for Gmail web

Google announced that end-to-end encryption will soon be available on Gmail for the web. More
News Security   December 19, 2022  

FBI seizes 48 domains linked to DDoS-for-hire services: six charged in connection

"Stresser" and "Booter" platforms shut down. On Wednesday, the U.S.More
News Security   December 15, 2022  

Rackspace hit by phishing and ransomware attacks

Leading cloud computing company under fire. Rackspace is a leading provider of cloud computing and managed hosting services founded in 1998.More
News Security   December 12, 2022  

ScarCruft hackers exploit 0-day in Internet Explorer to target South Koreans

Cybercriminals exploit the known Zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer. More
News Web browsers and vulnerabilities   December 08, 2022